Because the impact of the September 11th terrorist onslaughts upon the households of the immediate casualties is historically profound. though mostly unmeasurable. the households of the victims should be financially compensated by the Federal Government. as this is the best touchable manner for the society to demo its compassion for the lives of the sacrificed. This impression of victim compensation has ignited ferocious argument ; the inquiry and concerns centre around considerations of victim-eligibility and besides. to whom duty for the catastrophe itself should be assigned. Along with these considerations. argument about the compensatory value of economic payments is valid. specifically: how much should be paid? Should their be different compensatory rates for different victims. or a unvarying dollar sum?

Whatever the dollar sum: it is clear that the September 11th onslaughts caused unprecedented economic. physical. emotional. and psychological amendss non merely to the households of those who were killed. but to the full metropolis of New York and the dwellers of Washington D. C. The 911 terrorist onslaughts proved so dramatically lay waste toing that compensation to the victim’s households is indicated. An probe of the cost-estimates and harm appraisals. every bit good as a survey of the 911 commission’s findings demonstrate the claim that 911 was a catastrophe of alone proportions. This is a cardinal factor in the claim for compensation.

A 2nd cardinal factor is the averment that the 911 terrorist onslaughts were ( at least within the range of ground ) preventable. Even if probe of the 911 Commission’s findings and a study of independent beginnings and analysts determined that the 911 onslaughts were non preventable. the issue of victim compensation remains valid. However. should sufficient grounds lead to the opposite decision. so. surely. the instance for compensation would be strengthened.

A 3rd cardinal component of the statement for victim compensation involves the issue of the 911 deliverance workers and the inquiries environing their deployment during the crises. Are the households of the first-responders who perished in the onslaughts entitled to more ( or less ) compensation than “civilian” households? Is the duty for their deceases a separate ( but possibly parallel ) finding from the findings of duty and preventability for the 911 onslaughts? Extensive periodical and journalistic coverage of the first-responders at 911 is available along with book-length fact-finding stuff.

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Showing that the federal authorities should bear a fiscal load on behalf of the households of the 911 victims will be a ambitious undertaking. It is possibly non possible to set up with certainty whether or non the 911 onslaughts could hold been prevented. If there is no specific office or individual to delegate duty to for the onslaughts. showing the efficaciousness of a reparation payment strategy would be double strenuous. However. the range of the catastrophe and the magnitude of its detrimental impact so huge. the statement for compensation becomes somewhat easier to do. based on emotional and civic entreaty.

Annotated Bibliography
Chomsky. N. ( 2001 ) . September 11 / . Crows Nest. N. S. W. : Allen & A ; Unwin.

A comprehensive history of the 911 onslaughts and their impact on political and societal idea. This may be considered a chief source-book for the thesis.

Dahir. M. ( 2002. September 17 ) . September 11: Are All Survivors Equal? One Year after the Terrorist Attacks. New Laws Have Broadened the Definition of Legal Partnership-But the Laws Might Not Be Broad Enough to Help All September 11 Survivors. The Advocate 26+ .
A treatment of the fortunes of homosexual and sapphic twosomes and a argument about the entitlement of non-traditional households to compensation. This beginning helps clarify the legalistic angles ( and besides humanizes ) of the 911 onslaughts.

Dolfman. M. L. . & A ; Wasser. S. F. ( 2004 ) . 9/11 and the New York City Economy: A Borough-by-Borough Analysis The Effect of the Terrorist Attacks of September 11. 2001. on the New York City Economy Was Far Reaching and Extended to Every Borough of the City ; Hardest Hit Was New York’s “Export” Sector-The Most Internationally Oriented Part of That Economy. Monthly Labor Review. 127 ( 6 ) . 3+ .

Article detailing the impact of the 911 onslaughts on the economic. societal. and mercantile activities of New York City. An of import beginning for set uping the annihilating impact of the onslaughts in microcosm. and thereby set uping grounds for cardinal pillar of the compensation thesis.

House Approves Panel on September 11 Attacks. ( 2002. July 26 ) . The Washington Times. p. A14.

Article demoing the lead-up to the constitution of the 911 Commission. Important for set uping duty for the onslaughts. and whether or non preventability played a factor. From this beginning I hope to happen leads to foster inside informations of the Commission’s findings.

Jackson. B. A. . Peterson. D. J. . Bartis. J. T. . Latourrett. T. . Brahmakulam. I. . Houser. A. . et Al. ( 2002 ) . Protecting Emergency Respondents: Lessons Learned from Terrorist Attacks. Santa Monica. Calcium: Rand.

Beginning analyzing the procedure and process of exigency respondents to 911. Can betterments be made ; ie– were errors made? I hope this beginning will supply insight into the duty and efficaciousness issues of the first-responders mentioned in my thesis.


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