For someone planning on giving a farewell speech, reading some free sample farewell speeches provides inspiration and direction. The basics of speech writing are always the same no matter what the topic. The message needs to be conveyed in a clear and concise format to the audience. Also, expressing some meaning or feeling in the words helps the audience connect with the speaker.

Showing appreciation for those that the speech is about or geared towards is important, and concluding with a famous quote or a humorous joke often helps to lighten the mood. If the farewell speech is for someone leaving the workplace, speak about that person’s history at the company. Talk about his or her accomplishments, what he or she has contributed to the work environment, and how hard he or she worked. Consider telling a funny story about the person, but make sure it is appropriate for the occasion.

Mention the qualities of this person that will be missed, whether it is their wicked sense of humor, their extreme dedication to the job, or their friendliness and sweet nature. If the person is leaving the workplace to pursue another career or exciting opportunity, speak about this and let everyone know what the exciting future holds for this co-worker. Wish the person good luck, and make sure to thank the guest of honor.

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If the person the speech is about is a family member and the speech takes place at a family gathering, consider telling a funny story about the family member as a child. Keep in mind all of the requirements of a good speech, but usually family gatherings are a bit less formal than work functions, so some of the rules can be bent. Above everything, make sure the speech is appropriate, and make sure it leaves everyone with a positive feeling. Reviewing free samples of farewell speeches will help the speech writer tremendously.


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