Ate the end of my speech, the audience will be aware of the disadvantages of eating fast foods and hopefully they will think twice before choosing to eat fast food.

Due to the fast paced lifestyle most Americans live, we tend to eat a lot of fast food due to its convenience and easy access. Although fast food restaurants provide a fast and convenient meal, they are very bad for your health, due to lack of quality, preparation of foods and trans fats, just to name a few of the disadvantages to fast foods. Fast food is not the cause of obesity but it is a major contribution.

Central Idea:
Fast foods are very harmful for your health and are one of the major causes of obesity in America.

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Body Outline:
1. Disgusting animal conditions
2. Weird ingredients
Chemical preservatives
Artificial coloring
3. Low food quality
Bad parts of the animal
Highly processed
4. Food Safety
Lack of training on behalf of the kitchen staff
5. Food Preparation
Foods aren’t cooked on stove, they are microwaved
6. Trans fats
Although trans fats were banned, fast food restaurant are not required to list all of them 7. Obesity
Children that eat fast foods regularly gain up to 6 pounds more a year than those who don’t

In conclusion, fast foods are the worst thing you can eat. They are a major contribution to obesity due to the ingredients. Fast foods are very bad for your health due to the lack of preparation of the food, trans fats and quality of the ingredients. Not only is fast food harmful for you but it is also harmful to the environment. Hopefully after this speech you’ll think twice about eating fast food.


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