When I was little I used to watch a cartoon titled ‘Popeye the Sailor’ The main character of this cartoon is Popeye. That is my most favorite cartoon character. I watched this cartoon everyday for popeye. At that time I dreamed to be a man like Popeye. Popeye is a fictional character   created by Elzie Crisler Segar. In this cartoon Popeye eats spinich and gets muscles and unbelivable strength. He has a girl friend that he is constantly fighting over, and an enemy that is constantly trying to kidnap his girlfriend Olive.

He gets real larg fists and he always has a pipe in his mouth and a can of spinach in his hand. He always wears the same blue jeans, shirt and shoes. When he eats the spinach he shows his muscles and there is just one little nub not his whole arm. He always has hilarious cath phrases like “I’m Popeye the sailor man”. He always wears a hat that has an ancore on the front and he calls him self a sailor. His girl friend Olive has long black hair and when she gets mad she gets real red.

His enemy always kidnaps Olive and takes her some where so Popeye has to go through numorus clues the enemy left laying then there is always a big halarious fight at the end, and it always ends up that Popeye gets her back and they make up and that’s the end of the 30 min. show. His bulging forearms, squinty eyes and staccato chuckle are recognized by many generations. Till now I watch this cartoon and I dreamed that I could be a man like him.

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