Art is a term that describes a diverse scope of human activities and the merchandises of those activities. but here refers to the ocular humanistic disciplines. which cover the creative activity of images or objects in Fieldss including picture. sculpture. printmaking. picture taking. and other ocular media.

The Son of Man is my favourite piece of art. The Son of Man is a Belgian surrealist picture. It was painted in 1964 by Rene Magritte. The picture was originally intended to be a self-portrait. The picture conveys a adult male in an greatcoat have oning a bowler chapeau and standing in forepart of a short wall. Behind this short wall are a cloudy sky and the sea. You can non see the face of the adult male. since it is mostly obscured by a drifting green apple. However. you can see the eyes of the adult male as they are glancing over the border of the apple. If you are acute plenty when looking at the picture. you will detect that the left arm seems to be bending backwards at the cubitus. Magritte said that “the picture merely shows us about humanity. He says that everything we see hides some other thing yet we still want to see what is hidden by what we see. There is ever some kind of involvement in what is hidden and what the visible does non demo us.

This brings about some kind of struggle between the seeable that is present and the seeable that is hidden. ” I believe this picture shows a loss of individuality. This is the ground I chose this as my favourite piece of art. because I can associate to it. There came a clip in my life where I was fighting with my ain individuality. In today’s universe it is really important to place oneself with at least one thing ( 1s ethnicity. nationality. race. faith. or a peculiar belief ) . Many people still grapple with the impression of individuality in many states. parts. and assorted ways in order to suit or accommodate into any environment ( societal. economic. cultural. political. etc ) . One’s individuality determines 1s place or state of affairs in society wherever one lives. However. happening the right type of individuality can be disputing for many people sometimes because of the troubles they face in the procedure of taking their individualities.

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