Jefferson, with an administrative and diplomatic record that was to this point not particularly impressive, the presidency would test just how effectively the philosopher could function as a politician. New American Nation 1800 1800 Land west of Appalachian mountains selling to farmers 1800-20 Trans-Appalachian pop 300,000 2 million 1840 Over 40% Americans live west of Appalachians in 8 new states Ann-slavery blossoming – free blacks up Commercial agriculture up for farmers shapes South Selling crops and livestock European demand for cotton Economic Growth Free enterprise – dramatic commercial growth

Population working in enterprise up Technological improvements – steam power States better connected Experimental and entrepreneurial attitude grew Deliberate simplicity for Inauguration (first In Washington) – set style of administration Wise and frugal government’ Political beliefs Jeffersonian democracy- agrarianism and strict limits to Nat gob.

Secretary of State: Sec. Of the Treasury: Albert Gallatin (R) Only replaced top level cabinet officials and politically motivated Adams’ midnight pats. – believed moderate Feds would become Deem-Rep Continuation of Federalist leslies Continued Hamiltonian programs: National Bank/Tariffs Eliminate the national debt Cut gob. Edged – cut military spending – could rely on militias ; Repealed whiskey tax (internal direct) – dependent on tariffs (trade) external ; Believed could rely on trade duties – (disastrous later when Napoleonic Wars interrupt KGB/FRR trade) ; Strict interpretation of cons “to the English career of debt, corruption and rottenness, closing with revolution. ” Nevertheless the Louisiana Purchase was such a golden opportunity that Jefferson borrowed the gold in England with Treasury bonds to pay for it. Judiciary – Mammary vs..

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Madison 1803 William Mammary – Federalist: Justice of the Peace for District of Columbia Appointment by Adams in midnight appointments (letter of commission left undelivered when Jefferson comes in) Jefferson tells Madison not to deliver letter marry takes to court Chief Justice John Marshall (Fed. ) rules: C] Mammary right – gets commission 0 Denied court had any Jurisdiction in the case.


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