Executive Summary In March 2014, my friends and I is interested in the development of a luxury hotel, planned to be operated by a well renowned hotel brand, a feasibility study was commissioned to be made. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the opportunities and risks of operating a high class hotel at the designated location.

In order to determine whether a feasible operation of such an establishment is possible, the various key factors of competitive business In this particular market will be analyzed Basically, the main factors include a certain standard of guest rooms and duties, gourmet facilities as well as recreational areas including a representative wellness. A prerequisite for a professional feasibility study Is the depiction of the macro Economic circumstances which are of importance to the project.

The Comprehensiveness and accuracy of the feasibility study submitted relies on Information provided by the owner and acquired through extensive secondary data research Assuming that the city of Canaan De Eros economic and tourist outlook will develop as expected, the proposed hotel project should achieve the success as what we desired. Given the trend of economic recovery and the Increased attractiveness of Canaan De ROR to high income consumer segments, the realization of the respective project Is set on solid grounds. L: Introduction A.

We, a group of business minded people decided to build a hotel which is able to play in at the very top end of the luxury segment. We also want to serve people and give them the most unforgettable experience in their life. And it will give them a baffling happiness. We conduct feasibility study In case of grudges of our business so that we can settle it fast. The study focuses on the macro- and micro-environment of he location of the proposed hotel, the assumed competitive set, the local hotel market, the estimated trading performance of the hotel assuming a position at the very top end of the market.

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The project for the hotel has to include the following elements: – 133 guest rooms of 44 sq m. , designed as superior double rooms – 43 deferent suites (Junior, Executive, Presidential) from 93 – 220 sq m. – Gourmet restaurant and lounge, -Multifunctional meeting and conference rooms – Wellness & Fitness & Gym area Furthermore, parking facilities will be provided in the public garage which is next to he hotel providing approximately 600 parking spaces. The study is based on information gathered through property inspection and analysis of secondary data available on the market.

At the moment of the assignment. The project Is In the stage and qualified opinion and a thorough analysis of the current project plans. All assumptions in this feasibility study regarding the project itself with respect to size, layout and design, as well as operator selection are based on plans previously presented by us. These plans are measured and developed by design team and architect. The study examines site and market circumstances at the time of site inspection, market research, all relevant economic issues as well as financial estimations for the proposed hotel project.

Furthermore, the study relies upon information provided and the analysis of secondary data available on the market . We will require three new clients for our consulting business within two months by asking for referrals, launching a social media marketing campaign and networking with local businesses. This will allow us to grow our business and increase our revenue. C. We planned to conduct a survey by giving 25% discount with proper accommodation. After that we will ask them to compare our services to the other hotel, in that way we can conduct our survey. D.

MANIA-excessive excitement or enthusiasm; craze GRUDGES-a feeling of ill will or resentment; Transylvania – a region and former province in central Romania: Formerly of Hungary Baffling – unexplained VI: ORGANIZATION STUDY A. The form of ownership in our business is corporation we choose this kind of ownership because we need more budget to build our business and we find it more easier to build and handle a business if we choose corporation as a kind of wineries like what the saying said “More brains are better than one” B. Gallons, Miss Beebe Mae Peculator, and Miss Sandra Cases.

In our hotel’s differentiations, departments are segregated I. E. Separated from each other based on functions or tasks they perform. Examples of our functional differentiations includes, production department, finance department, marketing department, human resource (HER) department, etc. Here, all activities, which are directly or indirectly connected with production are grouped together to make a production department. C. Hotel Transylvania is currently in a growth and repositioning phase with our goals set on strategic development and acquisition’s while aligning with industry leading franchises. . Reservation Conditions Reservation of suites, guests’ check-in and check-out from the hotel can be made at any time of day. Guests’ check-out finishes at 12:00, check-in starts at 15:00. At the event of late check-out (after 12:00), hotel administration can require paying 50% of the cost of accommodation per one night and 100% of the cost of accommodation per one night for additional occupation of a suite after 18:00. . Canceling Registration The guest can cancel the registration if he/she has changed his/her mind.

If the registration is cancelled 48 hours before the day of stay, the fee will be not charged. In the event of guest’s late check-in or of no-show by the agreed time, the hotel is entitled to the 100% compensation of the cost of accommodation for one night. The hotel reserves the right to the 100% credit card’s funds block of accommodation price for one night till the arrival of a guest. The credit card’s funds block is made 10 days before the guest’s arrival. In the event of suite’s booking less Han 10 days before the guest’s arrival, the credit card’s funds block is made Just after the booking.

In emergency situations, the hotel can cancel booking for objective reasons, for example: – the hotel does not accept liability for force measure or other reasons which affect hotel service performance; – if wrong or misleading information concerning personal identity or intention of stay is provided by booking of a suite; – the hotel has any reason to suppose that the client’s use of services can be dangerous and affect hotel service performance or social reputations of the hotel, no tater if a situation is within the competence of state institutes of Latvia Republic or of the hotel administration; By reasonable booking cancellation on behalf of the hotel, the client has no right to the damage compensation. 3. Acceptable Credit Cards By booking of a hotel’s suite, the client must provide the credit card number and expiry date of it to the hotel administration insuring hotel service payment in the event of late booking cancellation or no-show. Hotel administration guarantees full anonymity and safety of any private guest’s information.

The hotel accepts American Express, Visa, Euro/Mastered, Maestro reedit cards for the payment of hotel services. 4. Payment Conditions Bill for services must be paid before or on client’s check-out from the hotel. In the event that the client did not pay hotel services till the agreed time, the hotel is entitled to charge the total amount for the accommodation and additional services of the hotel from client’s price but are paid before or at the time of guest’s check-out from the hotel. The guest can place money on deposit to pay additional services. Payment for accommodation and additional services is performed according to the price list that is confirmed by the hotel administration.


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