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Name               :
N. Yogendran

Index No         :




of Contents



1. Introduction

1 Overview of the Project

1.2 Objectives of the Project

1.3 The Need for the Project

1.4 Overview of Existing Systems and Technologies

1.5 Scope of the Project

1.6 Deliverables .

2. Feasibility

2.1 Financial Feasibility

2.2 Technical Feasibility

2.3 Resource and Time Feasibility

2.4 Risk Feasibility

2.5 Social/Legal Feasibility


4. References







1.1 Overview of the Project

There are many companies which have a need to track their employees
periodically to avoid employee cheating the employer by not visiting the places
he has been assigned to showing false expenditure without spending or using it
example, travelling charges and to measure employee performance by real-time data.


So, we need to develop an Employee Tracking based
on GPS and its real-time. The app keeps on updating accurate location data like
latitude and longitude to a given web based employee tracking platform. The
admin/HR who owns the access in web based platform can monitor each move of
staff across city using maps. It is a combination of
web as well as android application where the employee will be using the android
application and admin as well as HR will work with web application. The
Employee will have this application in his android phone, when the user will
login to the system his image will be captured, and his GPS location will be
send to the admin where admin will view image and GPS location in web
application every 5 minutes When employee logout the system again the image
will be captured as well as GPS location will be send to the admin.


1.2 Objectives of the Project

The objective is to design and implement an
employee tracker which provides

Management: Manager can assign the task to employee based on their nearby
location.  Further to task allocation,
employee can mark various status on task so that manager can see the
progress and monitor overall task report.
Employee Tracking-
Employer can view the location of the employee in the map based on the latitude
and longitude sent by the employee.
Employee Management –
the details of the employee and the employee performance review can be
Employee Payroll
Management- We can automate payroll of employee based on the hours he has
been tracked


1.3 The Need for the Project

Employee monitoring allows
a business to track employee activities. The administrator can see employees’
current location and check whether they are on schedule and can assign the
closest worker to a other job i.e. if employer get a
call from a priority customer, he can quickly see which of your employees are
closest to the customer and re-route them. An employee
monitoring on a computer allows to measure productivity,track attendance,ensure
security and collect number of hours worked.

There is more transparency
in the company and can get a granular and high-level view of what’s happening
any time you want. It is more efficient to monitor employee hours through
software rather than having it on paper as it reduces hours inflation and human
errors which also make payroll easier.


1.4 Overview of Existing Systems and Technologies

section should explain similar existing systems that achieve or partially
achieve the goals of the proposed system.

describes any considerations the organization must make with regards to

development tools and libraries, database systems).

There are many solutions which can be used to find or track people’s
locations. For example, Al-Mazloum, E. Omer, M. F. A. Abdullah work on GPS and
SMS based tracking provides solution for tracking children by parents using
Smartphones 1. Currently a manual system is there for task Management. To
manage tasks efficiently and fairly, there has to be a system in place to
allocate tasks to different workers.


1.5 Scope of the Project

Admin/HR Login:
Admin/HR will access the system with admin ID and password
Add Employee: Admin
will add new employee by entering employee personal details.
View Location: Admin
can view GPS location of the particular employee by entering employee ID
and date.
Check Location: HR can
check GPS location of the employee by entering employee ID and date.
Check Salary: Admin
can check salary of the employee by entering employee id and date.
Check Salary: Hr can
check salary of the employee by entering employee id and date.
Tracking GPS Location:
System will Track GPS location of the employee and will be automatically
sent to admin after every 5 minutes.
User Login/ Logout:
User will access the system with his user identity number and password
with his android phone. User will capture his image and clicks on submit.
User’s Image and GPS location will send to admin. Once the user logout the
system, image of the user and current GPS location will be send to admin



1.6 Deliverables .

The main deliverables of the project are

web dashboard for
admin/HR to manage employee information, assign tasks to employees, track
their location
The mobile app is used
by the employees for getting new tasks as well as getting directions to
the destination

User friendly GUI is to be
designed for web and mobile application. Proper database management to be
implemented to keep track of all details.



2. Feasibility Study

2.1  Financial Feasibility

The project is economically feasible since system
is developed using the existing resources and technologies available free as
open source. It only requires a mobile phone with
Android operating system. After the release of the app into Android market, the
application is free to download. The users need to connect mobile phone to
internet and this would be the only cost incurred on the project.


2.2 Technical Feasibility

Tools and Technologies planning to use:

IDEs: Android Studio for Android, phpStorm for web

Framework: Laravel for php

Programming Languages: Java for Android, php and HTML for web

Google Maps API for the mobile app as well as web client area.


This application is developed using the Android SDK and server side
is developed using PHP and tracking is plotted on Google maps. To develop this
application, a high speed internet connection, a database server, a web server
and software are required. The project is technically feasible.


2.3 Resource and Time Feasibility

Software Requirements: MySql, Java,Android 4.1,
Android Studio, Google Maps API, Windows

Hardware Requirements: Android phone with internet
connection and GPS support

All the software, hardware requirements, resources and
technologies we use are freely available as open source.


It is time feasible since proper project planning will
be maintained throughout the project. Project schedule is initiated in the
beginning considering work load of project and availability of working  hours. Thus it guarantees that project can be
completed successfully within given deadline.



2.4 Risk Feasibility

section describes the risks and risk mitigations

write that you are not familiar with the technologies, so there is a risk.


It is common to have risks in a software development
project. These risks can also lead a project to failure and disaster. Therefore
Risk Feasibility is very important to reduce the risks and lead the project.
Risks that effect the project cycle are fallowing:

Quality assurance: assure requirements and goals for a proposed system,
service or activity will be fulfilled

Budget constraints

Software and hardware incompatible

Architecture complexity

Quality trade-offs

Generalizing the design modules for future evolutionary needs

Requirements mismatch

User interface mismatch – GUI may be too complex for non-technical

Unrealistic schedules effect the project plan.

Data maintenance


risks can be reduced by reviewing existing similar system. Tries and tested
software components are to be used for proposed system such as JSP, MySQL, and
Java. It carry lower risk. Well-designed prototype, visible software process
and intermediate deliverables are to be consider for the system to reduce the
User interface and requirements mismatch. Well defined development process and
Work load is to be consider during create the project plan schedule.


2.5 Social/Legal Feasibility

is legally feasible since all the resources used are open source. So, there is
no copyrights or patents problems. All legal and ethical
implications to be consider during this project.


employee would not be tracked when he is logged out, the employee’s expectations of privacy are not
violated. Also Tracking is used only for legitimate business purposes.


3. Considerations

3.1.   Security

Since both mobile and web app have login-based access,
Unauthorized accesses are restricted.


3.2.   Usability

User interface should be attractive. So that users
will be able to use this application with a specific interest. First time user can
easily learn about the application in few minutes. Guidelines to the new user
should be given. An employer with a PC who is tracking
the employees can able to operate a PC comfortably and he/she must have a
minimum knowledge about the world map. Application should be able to use without
any initial configurations.


3.3.   Reliability

Application is available and
reliable all the time since it is based on GPS location provider embedded on android
mobile. GPS is a technology that is available 24/7.


3.4.   Supportability

This mobile
application is supported by android platform by the current design. In future
this application will support other mobile platforms too.



As this is mobile application, utilization of
resources should be very much minimized. The location of the employee should be
tracked and updated every 5 minutes. The system should able to track many employees
to track at a time.




4. References


2 Enefiok, E. and Uzochukwu, O. (2016). An Android based Employee
Tracking System. International Journal of Computer Applications, 153(3),

3 https://www.gps-hrn.org/pages/admin/imageUploader/CMS_Photos/news/docs/23.pdf










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