The intent of this paper is to present the characteristics and fortes of Hotel Equatorial Malacca, a 5-star international hotel that is situated at the bosom of metropolis Malacca while at the same clip, seeking to use touristry and cordial reception theories to the existent life pattern – how Hotel Equatorial Malacca works. Apart from presenting theoretical attacks of touristry and cordial reception covering from chapter 1 – 12, the impacts of some important touristry and cordial reception theories and patterns towards the running of Hotel Equatorial Malacca are besides accessed in this paper. Personal analysis and decision are included at the dorsum of the paper, provided some images of the hotel to function as appendixes.

Introduction of Hotel Equatorial Malacca

Malacca, a little province of Malaysia, is celebrated for the profusion of heritage, civilization, history and tradition. It has been proven to be a assortment of civilizations and culinary arts by holding several must-see historical sites which the oldest may day of the month back to 1500s. Situated in the bosom of such metropolis is the Hotel Equatorial Malacca, likely the best-located hotel ( “ Hotel Equatorial Melaka, ” 2010 ) .

Established since 1998, Hotel Equatorial Malacca is now a 5-star international concern category hotel with 22 floors, having 496 elegant-furnished suites ( “ Hotel Equatorial Melaka, ” 2010 ) . It ‘s originally built on the site of old Malacca Rest House before the topographic point now evolves into the premier country of Malacca ( “ Equatorial Hotel Melaka, ” n.d. ) . Because of its strategic location, Hotel Equatorial Malacca is the lone hotel that offers “ a generous position of the Straits of Malacca or historical St. Paul ‘s Hill ” ( “ Equatorial Hotel Melaka, ” 2009, Hotel suites subdivision, parity. 2 ) from each room and everything seems to be merely within walking distance to the hotel – celebrated historical sites like A ‘ Famosa and St. Paul ‘s Hill, old Jonker Street for shopping, and even the award-winning Mahkota Parade. The outgrowth of Hotel Equatorial Malacca in the center of Malacca has brought modern twenty-four hours comfortss to the tourers who tend to bask the echt civilization and tradition of Malacca ( “ Hotel Equatorial Melaka, ” 2010 ) . For those who intend to travel for a Malacca trip by auto, about one and a half hours from the South of Kuala Lumpur and about two hours from Singapore will be needed ( “ Hotel Equatorial Melaka, ” 2010 ) . However, cabs from airdrome to the hotel are besides available if invitees wish to go through aeroplane.

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Suites that offered by Hotel Equatorial Malacca can be classified into 3 different designs: Prime Minister, luxury, and deluxe. In add-on, Equator Club is provided with 4 floors of suites with a immense sofa country ( “ Equatorial Hotel Melaka, ” 2009 ) . Harmonizing to Equatorial Hotel Melaka ( 2009 ) , all suites are complete with certain services and necessities: Net-Friendly ( Internet ) with enhanced entree for modems, IDD hands-free phones with voice mail, Satellite Television with tonss of amusement channels such as Discovery, air conditioner that can be controlled by oneself, an electronic key card system, in-room facsimile service if invitees wanted to make so, a mini saloon, a big in-room safe, java and tea devising tools, a balcony, and a hair drier ( “ Equatorial Hotel Melaka, ” 2009 ) ! Apart from that, the hotel besides offers a great and complete fittingness Centre – Equinox Fitness Center. Inside travelers can establish trained fittingness trainers, a steam room, a cold dip room, and a Jacuzzi with fanlight. Servicess offered include separate watering place and massage services for the cats and the adult females, and even aerophilic categories are available. Oasis-on-the-Fourth comprised of four swimming pools that includes an out-of-door Jacuzzi and a ladies swimming pool. Outdoor athleticss such as tennis, table tennis, and golf are available excessively ( “ Hotel Equatorial Melaka, ” n.d. ) .

“ Hotel Equatorial Melaka has the largest nutrient and drink offerings in the province of Melaka with 6 mercantile establishments together ” ( “ Hotel Equatorial Melaka, ” n.d. , Foodaˆ¦Glorious nutrient subdivision, parity. 1 ) . The mercantile establishments include the Rest House Cafe, Seri Bayu Restaurant, the Golden Phoenix, Kampachi, the Seri Nyonya Peranakan Restaurant, and the Oasis-on-the-Fourth ( “ Equatorial Hotel Melaka, ” 2009 ) . Aside from supplying a broad array of choice of dining and amusement mercantile establishments, the hotel besides offers the largest and most advanced installations for meeting, feast and catering intents in Malacca. The dance hall in Hotel Equatorial Malacca can suit in people runing from capacity 1300 to 2000 people. All the meeting suites are equipped with the latest audio ocular equipments and tools and even a feast squad is specially trained to carry through the demand of invitees ( “ Hotel Equatorial Melaka, ” n.d. ) .

Theoretical Approach

Harmonizing to Walker ( 2009 ) : “ Hospitality and touristry are the largest and fastest-growing industries in the universe ” ( pp. 7 ) . Indeed it is. There are five major classs under the range of cordial reception and touristry: travel and touristry, housing, assembly and event direction, eating houses and managed services, and diversion, which are interrelated to each others, created limitless callings under the umbrella of touristry and cordial reception. Thousands of “ minutes of truth ” , or specifically guest brushs, are go oning everyday in every organisation related to cordial reception. Examples such as invitee are welcomed ( Walker, 2009 ) .

Different people choose to go to different finishs for different grounds – it may be the preferable clime, merriment, athleticss, history and civilization, and so forth. Yet some of them may besides go because of the affair of concerns ( Walker, 2009 ) .

Nowadays, most of the hotels are developed as a portion of multi-purpose undertaking. The location of the hotel must be strategic adequate – near shopping promenades, tourer attractive forces, and popular eating houses, to offer more convenience to the travelers. Hotels may be classified harmonizing to several standards – location, monetary value, and type of service. City centre hotels which suit those who need to go a batch for concern or leisure grounds due to their strategic location and convention hotels which are popular among the groups which have the demand of keeping conventions and meetings all the clip are two illustrations of hotel categorizations ( Walker, 2009 ) .

Reservations section is really of import to the hotel as it ‘ll find the first feeling of the invitees towards the hotel when they foremost established the first contact with the individual who ‘s doing the reserves. Besides the possible and existent gross that reserves could really convey to the hotel can non be underestimated. In the records of most of the hotel ironss regionally or internationally, 100s of invitees may name up to do reserves each twenty-four hours ( Walker, 2009 ) . None of the hotel in the universe can afford to lose this portion of net income. In malice of merely taking attention of the reserve portion, the guest service ( or uniformed staff ) is besides given a really particular and heavy duty in organizing the best first feeling when the invitees arrived. The staff comprised of door attenders, concierge, and bellpersons ( Walker, 2009 ) .

It ‘s non the same as managing any eating houses outdoors at that place as managing the eating houses inside the hotel. In the cordial reception industry, the manager of nutrient and drink will be the 1 who be the caput of the nutrient and drink section which comprised of other smaller sections: kitchen, catering, feast, eating houses, sofas, bars etc ( Walker, 2009 ) . Although catering and feast may look the same, but the fact is they ‘re non. Walker ( 2009 ) defined both otherwise: feast refers to “ groups of people who eat at the same clip and in the same topographic point ” ( pp. 182 ) , and providing includes “ a assortment of occasions when people may eat at different times ” ( pp. 182 ) . Meetings are set up harmonizing to the penchants of the client. There are three major types of meeting apparatuss: theatre manner, schoolroom manner, and council chamber manner ( Walker, 2009 ) .

Beverages are classified into alcoholic and non-alcoholic groups. Alcoholic drinks are drinks with intoxicants, but can be farther categorized into vinos, beer, and liquors. Non alcoholic drinks consist of any drinks that contain no intoxicant: tea, java, juices etc ( Walker, 2009 ) .

Harmonizing to Walker ( 2009 ) , diversion is defined as “ the usage of clip in order to loosen up and review one ‘s organic structure and head in a curative mode ” ( pp. 344 ) . It allows people to bask holding merriment together and to organize long enduring relationships based on the joyful experiences they had together, or another word called bonding.

Practical Approach

Theories and patterns of some of the important touristry and cordial receptions truly leave impacts to the outgrowth of hotels and other callings in the industry of touristry and cordial reception. The five major classs under the range of touristry and cordial reception are proven to be interrelated to each other. For illustration, harmonizing to Hotel Equatorial Melaka ( n.d. ) , many other services are provided the hotel except of adjustment: different sorts of daintinesss and drinks by several eating houses, expansive dance halls and map suites for concern usage, swimming pool, tennis tribunals and etc. for diversion, plus tips to tourers of where to go in Malacca ( “ Travellers tips, ” n.d. ) .

Most of the tourers came to Malacca because they were attracted by the historical edifices which are still preserved so good in Malacca and the civilization of the people in Malacca, particularly the celebrated Nyonya-Baba culinary art by the Peranakan ( “ Malacca, ” n.d. ) . This makes it easier for Hotel Equatorial Malacca to aim how to fulfill the demands of the tourers remaining in the hotel, for illustration, supplying different types of eating houses in the hotel including a Nyonya type of eating house ( “ Hotel Equatorial Melaka, ” n.d. ) .

Hotel Equatorial Malacca excessively is influenced by the construct of acquiring involved in mixed-use undertaking. The strategic location of Hotel Equatorial, originally built on the site of old Malacca Rest House, which is now at the Centre of the metropolis, makes it popular among the tourers who come to remain at Malacca. After settling their adjustment and baggage, the tourers can merely merely walk to the celebrated historical sites such as A. Famosa and St. Paul ‘s Hill to take a expression at the historical edifices. After sing those topographic points, tourers likely would desire to walk to and take a expression at the popular old-timer shopping country, Jonker ‘s Street and Mahkota Parade shopping composite. It makes things really convenient to the tourers as everything is within walking distance, doing them wanted to travel back and remain at Hotel Equatorial Malacca once more if they of all time come back to Malacca ( “ Hotel Equatorial Melaka, ” n.d. ) .

The importance of reserve has ne’er been underestimated by Hotel Equatorial Malacca. At its official web site, full information about the hotel is provided and the ways to book room reserves is simplified to do it easy for the travelers. Contact figure is besides provided at the web site in instance some may desire to name up for reserves. Revenue brought approximately by reserves histories a heavy part in the entire gross earned by the hotel, doing Hotel Equatorial Malacca cares a batch for the reserves portion and ever been seeking to happen ways to better it ( “ Contact us, ” n.d. ) . The accenting of the importance of uniformed staff in organizing the great first feeling upon the invitees by Walker ( 2009 ) is besides taken into history by Hotel Equatorial Malacca. For case, a concierge desk and a circuit desk counter are located at the anteroom specially to assist go forth a convenient and comfy feeling for the invitees ( “ Overview, ” n.d. ) .

Harmonizing to the hotel categorization listed out by Walker ( 2009 ) , Hotel Equatorial Malacca can be classified as mixture of metropolis centred hotel and convention hotel every bit good alternatively of merely a individual sort of hotel. This is because Hotel Equatorial Malacca fulfilled the standard ‘s of both of the hotels. First, it is located in the Centre of metropolis, doing it easy for the travelers to go to where they want to, no affair it ‘s for leisure or concern intent ( “ Equatorial Hotel Malaysia, ” n.d. ) . But at the same clip, Hotel Equatorial Malacca has the largest dance hall in Melaka, doing it popular among those who need to keep meetings, conventions, and maps throughout the period they stay ( “ Hotel Equatorial Malacca, ” n.d. ) . These hotel categorizations enable the hotel to stipulate its market and derive its market portion, therefore increasing the hotel ‘s profitableness and besides repute.

As an international hotel, Equatorial Hotel Malacca realized the importance of catering, feasts, and meetings which involves many people each clip. Hence, besides of holding it ‘s really ain professional feast squad, it besides offers the “ largest dance hall in Malacca which can tantrums in up to 1350 invitees comfortably for a sit down dinner or employees seated together for a serious concern meeting ” ( “ Equatorial Hotel Malacca, ” n.d. ) . The dance hall can be farther divided into 8 smaller suites if the invitees wish excessively. Besides, there are 3 more other single meeting suites available for use if the meeting holders wish to maintain their meetings in private ( “ Equatorial Hotel Malacca, ” n.d. ) . The meeting apparatuss are besides proven to hold impacts towards the efficiency of suiting more peoples in a certain infinite because harmonizing to Equatorial Hotel Malacca ( n.d. ) , the same dance hall mentioned can suit in up to 2000 employees if they were seated utilizing the theatre siting manner, 650 people more comparing to the dinner sitting manner. This could convey a batch of excess net income to the hotel than it expected to be.

Beverages are truly of import in pull offing a hotel eating house, and Hotel Equatorial Malacca realized the impact that drinks could convey to the hotel in pulling the coming of travellers and peoples. K5 Bistro and Coffee Corner are offered for people to bask non-alcoholic drinks such as java and tea, while a Flo Lounge and Equator Club Lounge were opened to concentrate more on the demand of invitees towards alcoholic drinks. A cup of cocktail, possibly, and vinos, beers and liquors are served excessively ( “ General, ” n.d. ) .

About everyone travels at the intent of acquiring their head and organic structure relaxed at the mean of doing usage of their free clip and that is what “ diversion ” is harmonizing to Walker ( 2009 ) . In order to carry through the diverse diversion demands of the invitees, Hotel Equatorial Malacca has offered a batch of recreational installations including the Equinox Fitness Center which highlights a fully-equipped gym. Another brilliant hotel installations offered by Hotel Equatorial Malacca is the Oasis-on-the-Fourth which features 4 swimming pools. that includes an out-of-door Jacuzzi and a ladies swimming pool every bit good. Outdoor athleticss are available ( Hotel Equatorial Melaka, 2009 ) . All these services offered allow the people remaining at that place to bask being together and hold fun at the same clip alternatively of merely remaining inside the hotel room. Throughout the happy and joyful experiences they had together, the procedure of bonding will bit by bit go on between them, enable them to set up a signifier of long, permanent, and memorable relationships among them.

Personal Opinion

Harmonizing to what I have researched, Hotel Equatorial Malacca has accounted about 80 % of satisfaction among the on-line hotel reappraisals written by the invitees remaining in the hotel before. It proves that Hotel Equatorial Malacca is really popular among the tourers and travelers. Several important touristry and cordial reception theories and patterns listed out by experts in cordial reception industry are besides proven to hold impacts that anyone in this industry can non pretermit, particularly the portion of the tendency of developing hotels into a mixed-use undertaking, the importance of diversion to the tourers, and the most of import merchandise of touristry and cordial reception – service. Most of the reappraisals by the travelers stated that they satisfied the most with the cardinal location of Hotel Equatorial Malacca, and besides the broad scope of hotel and recreational installations plus the assortments of nutrient and drinks. The staffs of Hotel Equatorial Malacca excessively provide unexceptionally good services by being polite and smiling all the clip which made them feels warm and welcomed. This indicates that Hotel Equatorial Malacca is really successful at running a hotel

The outgrowth of Hotel Equatorial Malacca has promoted the development of the environing countries as it attracts the coming of tourers. The topographic point where tourers present indicates opportunities to do a luck from it, therefore increasing the economic system of Malacca. Hotel Equatorial Malacca has besides bring some other impacts towards the older society of Malacca, as the coming of foreign tourers has brought in tendencies of other states, doing alterations in the echt Baba and Nyonya civilization in Malacca. Still, such alterations are ineluctable in conformity to the fast development of touristry and cordial reception industry presents.


First, I would wish to reason that Hotel Equatorial Malacca is a rather successful hotel. Apart from offering a big choice of amusement and hotel installations, complete room services, culinary arts and daintinesss, and the services provided by the staff truly assist to construct a good repute of Hotel Equatorial Malacca, doing it widely recognized among the tourers who wish to hold a trip to Malacca.

Second, touristry and cordial reception theories and patterns listed out by the experts do truly utile and it serves as guidelines to all the callings in this industry. Every theory or pattern has its ain ground in aid doing the calling more successful or in pulling more clients. Third, impacts of some of the important touristry and cordial reception theories and patterns are truly so great that it can non be neglected, no affair globally, regionally, or on the national degrees. Next,

Last, it is concluded that cordial reception and touristry industry has a batch of possible and it ‘ll maintain on spread outing in the hereafter, increasing its influence over other industries.


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