The Web-based library direction system has many characteristics. It can simplify loan processs, standardise library direction procedure, easy pull off forces direction and Borrowers can look into the book and cognize the features of borrowing books. This article discuss the usage of Linux + Apache + PHP + MySQL construct Web-based library direction system, analysis and design this system map. This article besides introduction the maps of each faculty ; describes the system encountered major jobs and solutions, and supply some solutions of system job.

Library is an of import portion of many schools. It can back up instructor and pupil to acquire cognition and research information. As a consequence of it need cover with a big figure of books, so it uses the computing machine direction books. This will non merely convenient for borrowers, but besides for bibliothecs facilitated. With the development of web engineering, the overall degree of computing machine applications to heighten, I think that this system allows readers to look into book information, loan operations, and better direction of other information. This can utilize the advantage of cyberspace to assist admin to service for borrower. The Linux+Apache+PHP+MySQL are non merely popular, utile, but besides it is safe and efficient.

“ PHP is presently really popular and utile Web waiter scripting linguistic communication, MySQL is one of the really popular online databases, we can unite them to construct powerful Web site. ” PHP can besides be used in HTML statement, utilizing informations in the database to make web pages.PHP linguistic communication and MySQL database can make about all Web applications, and there are easy used by developer.


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Because economic and scientific advancement made the rapid development of computing machine engineering, information systems play an of import function in people ‘s lives. The other manus, People ‘s quality of life and working environment are progressively high demands. Books have become progressively of import in society, and a big figure of books in people ‘s lives.

At the same clip, in order to pull off a big figure of books, books are besides a batch of their warehouse ; the warehouse direction becomes an of import job.

Harmonizing to this job,

System Design

Target Design

The library direction system has requirement from two sides. One is borrower, the other is decision maker. The demand of borrower is research the book information in library, the personal loan state of affairs and Personal information alteration. And the decision maker demand manage borrower and book information. It besides requires care of the system information and position. The borrower can straight see the library book information, and if the borrower use the library card ID and watchword, the borrowers can besides look into the state of affairs and keep personal information. If some people want to look into his personal information, they need his watchword. Those protect the borrower privateness. The decision maker characteristic has a batch of information, needs a high information security and confidentiality. It can shop, hunt, add, cancel, and modify book information and borrower information. But it ca n’t add, delete and modify imparting Information.

Harmonizing to this information, I think a simple library direction system need this characteristics:

The direction of library resources that will do decision maker to cognize about the book.

Readers can easy seek the library books.

Record user enrollment information in the library.

Easy to add new books to the library and let users to recover.

Development Platform Design: Linux+Apache+PHP+MySQL

“ PHP linguistic communication can work in UNIX, Linux, Win9x/2000/NT and other operating system ” ( BaoMing Xu ) . I chose the LINUX as the operating platform, and so utilize the Apache Web server WEB as the services, the background utilizing the MYSQL database.

PHP Language Features

PHP is a server-side HTML scripting description linguistic communication, which is similar to ASP. It is a programming linguistic communication for the cyberspace, which can utilize in different platform and web waiter. PHP uses the C, Java and Perl sentence structure, and add their ain characteristics, doing it more rapid execution of dynamic pages. It is a really popular waiter scripting linguistic communication. PHP linguistic communication characteristics are really powerful. It has the undermentioned characteristics:

Support many databases

Harmonizing to the PHP linguistic communication database map, we can easy entree informations from Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL, Unixdbm, and any other can back up ODBC-compliant database. That is will do database easy connect Website.

Besides, because PHP has rich map library, I have ground to believe that the hereafter development PHP library will be acquiring better and better.

Support many Network Communication Protocol

It includes: IMAP protocol and POP3 protocol, SNMP protocol, NNTP protocol, NIS protocol, HTTP protocol, Apache waiter and the LDAP protocol.


The application development with PHP linguistic communication does non necessitate much alteration can be used in other runing systems

Open and Expansibility

All PHP beginning codification can be free to copy, compile, and print. Any user can compose their ain PHP plan, that they do non pay any money for right of first publication. Peoples can pass on with each other on the PHP plan and codification. This can rapidly develop.


PHP as portion of Apache waiter that it runs the codification without naming an external plan and the waiter has no load to explicate the book linguistic communication. Therefore, the plan runs really fast and efficient.


Because PHP is working in the web server-side, it can easy unite with other linguistic communication. Such as Java applets, ActiveX and JavaScript.PHP is easy to bring forth HTML codification and it can trip Java applets and ActiveX controls. PHP besides can bring forth JavaScript statements.

Stringing processing and papers processing ability

PHP linguistic communication provides a batch of maps for math, clip, file system, and the twine processing maps.

Language freedom

PHP linguistic communication has best flexibleness.

PHP Working Mechanism

Systems Analysis and Design

System File Design

Before I design this system, I create four files in the library file. That is “ conn ” , “ cesium ” , “ information ” , “ Images ” , and “ JS ” . It can assist me to plan this web site.

Conni?sDatabases connect File.

Cesium: CSS File.

Datas: Database File.

Images: Picture Source File.

Joule: JavaScript File

Database Design

Database Requirement Analysis

Database Logical Design

Website Design

Main Page Describe

Harmonizing to system login faculty, the director can login to library direction system chief page. The chief page includes three parts: Borrow Top 10 List, Navigation saloon, And Copy right.

The Navigation saloon will demo the characteristics for different user. The system director can utilize all characteristics. That is the chief page:

The Main Page Analysis

This library system is a lager web site. I must see this website security. So this system has different permission. Just merely director can put other user. The chief page Judgess the user permission and so gives their faculty characteristic. This is the codification for this faculty:

Manager Module Design

4.2.1 Manager Module Describe

This Module have six characteristics, it include: director login, cheque director list, add director information, director permission scene, delete director and Change director watchword. Following this ` :

4.2.2 Manger Module analysis

In this faculty, we need use table- ( ) and table- ( ) in database. The trough name and watchword will hive away in ( Manager Table ) . The ( horizon ) will hive away different director permission information. They have relationship between their ID Fieldss. Before I complete system login, I need add director information in MySQL client. This is the sentence:

However, that is non plenty to protect the system security. Some people can utilize the chief page web site reference to come in it. I need look into this user login or non. I use the session to accomplish this characteristic. This is the codification for cheque login characteristic:

The system will judge session have admin_name or non. If non be, so it will turn back login page.

Now, allow me introduction the system login processing.

The system login page is the beginning of this system. The director need enter the correct watchword and name. If user non enters the name and watchword, I use the JavaScript to judge it.

This is the form component:


Component Type





Method= ” ” station Action= ” chklogin.php ”

Manager login signifier



Size= ” 25 ”

Manager Name



Size= ” 25 ”

Manager Password



Values= ” Submit ” onclick= ” return cheque ( form1 ) ”

“ submit “ button



Values= ” stopping point ” onclick= ” Windowss. near ( ) ” ;

“ near “ button



Values= ” reset ”

“ reset ” button

This is the JavaScript for justice the watchword and name is void or non:

I besides use the Class to judge the user and watchword is right or non. If the username and watchword are right, so enter in chief page. If that is incorrect, so hold information Tell you.

4.2.3 Check Manager Module

When you enter the chief page, you chose the system setting- & gt ; director scene. This page will demo you all director information and permission. You can add or cancel director information and put up the director permission.

At first, I use the “ left joinaˆ¦.on ” sentence research tabular array ( ) and ( ) , it will happen the right informations, and so the consequence will return the browser.

4.2.4 Add Manager Module

The page can add new director. But if you want to add permission to new director, you need travel to director permission puting page.

This is the form component:

4.2.5 Design Manager Permission

This is the signifier component

4.2.6 Delete Manager

Book Management Module Design

4.3.1 Book Management Module Describe

Book Management Module include Book list, add book information, amend book information, delete book information, and look into book item information.

4.3.2 Book Management Module Analysis

In book file direction faculty, it uses four tabular arraies: book information tabular array, book instance tabular array, book type and publication.

Relationship image:

4.3.3 Check Book Information

After director login system, and so come in the cheque book list page. It besides provide add, delete, amend characteristics.

4.3.4 Achieve Check Book information



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