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Contending for endurance and position within the universe

has been in affect since the Stone Age. It starts

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with adult male against animal battling for endurance. As

clip goes on, so does the type of conflict, from animal

to adult male against adult male. When vanquishers from Europe

come over to North America they push the Indians

West because they, the Indians, do non suit into the

society the white adult male creates and there are

differences that are noticeable. Subsequently on there

becomes favoritism against inkinesss with the Jim

Crow Laws and the silencing of adult females. Throughout

history there are more illustrations where people do non

tantrum into the & # 8220 ; norm & # 8221 ; of society. Betty Friedan and

Richard Wright in their novels The Feminine Mystique

and Black Boy both experience different signifiers of

subjugation. As Betty Friedan discusses a job

that has no name, but chiefly how a adult female is enslaved

in a adult male & # 8217 ; s society, while Richard Wright attempts to

get the better of the Jim Crow South by assailing racial


& # 8220 ; But forbidden to fall in adult male in the universe, can

adult females be people & # 8221 ; ( Friedan 50 ) ? Friedan illustrates

this point throughout her book. The fore-sisters of

Friedan fought for the transition of the nineteenth

amendment which was passed in August of 1920. The

transition of this amendment was mostly due to the

adult females & # 8217 ; s part to the war attempt, the end was

declared about 72 old ages before, during the

Seneca Falls convention in 1848. Throughout this

clip, adult females became immersed in their instruction and

their ain dignity. Searching for occupations and non

hubbies is the focal point. During this period the

national birth rate diminutions since the adult females are non

place at the adult male & # 8217 ; s beck and name.

As the times change so does the written word

about the female topographic point in the universe. Harmonizing to

Friedan, experts are stating the adult females that the lone

manner to seek fulfilment in their lives is as a married woman

and female parent. Which in one word is femininity. Now,

the dream is of an American adult female behind the range,

non behind a desk. The adult females stuck at place & # 8220 ; all

shared the same job, the job that has no

name & # 8221 ; ( Friedan 19 ) . Friedan gives these adult females a

vocabulary for their dissatisfaction, the feminine

mystique. There is no other manner for a adult female to be a

adult female of admirable feats unless she is a

homemaker. Friedan paints the feminine adult female of

this clip as holding feelings of emptiness,

non-existence and void. She illustrates

these jobs that adult females face by stating the reader

that the experts blame their feelings on the higher

instruction they have received before going a

homemaker. All adult females are seeking for is a human

individuality, a topographic point where they belong without feeling

empty. But the adult females before this coevals fought

for all the rights they have in the present, but

they are non utilizing them. But how can one alteration

this dehumanising facet of the civilization?

Friedan portrays the thought of assisting adult females

with the feminine mystique that has gone on for more

than twenty old ages. This is non a little job, but

a national 1 that has effected the bulk of the

adult females in the United States. Friedan & # 8217 ; s thoughts range

from assisting adult females acquire back into college and

re-educate themselves, acquiring out into the

work force. Therefore liberating themselves from the

feminine mystique. But this can merely be

accomplished if the remainder of the state is besides

leting of this alteration to go on. As the adult females

privation to change their life styles, universities do non

allow adult females to come in their university by non

acknowledging anyone who wants to foster their

instruction ( graduate survey ) and parttime pupils.

These regulations

saloon adult females from come ining to derive


But the clip is at manus when the voices

of the feminine mystique can no longer

drown out the interior voice that is

driving adult females on to go complete

( Friedan 378 ) .

The adult females now are taking their life into their ain

custodies and non listening to the experts, their

hubbies, or the civilization.

Merely as Friedan discusses the feminine

mystique keeping adult females back, Richard Wright onslaughts

racial individuality and the subjugation he himself faces

as an African American adult male life in the United

States. Friedan points out the myths that arise

from society are similar to Wright & # 8217 ; s duologue in his

novel that:

The image of the women’s rightists as inhuman,

ardent cannibals, whether expressed as an

discourtesy against God or in the modern

footings of sexual perversion, is non unlike

the stereotype of the Negro as a

crude animate being ( Friedan 87 ) .

This illustrates that the positions people hold toward

others are stereotyped because the castawaies are

non the & # 8220 ; white adult male & # 8221 ; that dominates the universe.

Bing different makes the universe interesting, if

everyone looked and dressed the same the universe

would be tiring. Yet no 1 can acquire beyond the

colour difference or the gender difference.

Like the adult females experiencing a nothingness in their lives

by being a homemaker, African American work forces, like

Wright feel an emptiness. This emptiness, like the

adult females Friedan describes, is the deficiency of dignity

in the universe. African Americans lack instruction,

but Richard Wright who had a adult male presenting coal to

Teach him the Numberss and subsequently on the alphabet

so Wright begins to make full & # 8220 ; a new hungriness, & # 8221 ; the

hungriness for reading and deriving cognition.

Since instruction is power, white work forces do non

desire the African Americans to derive that power to

hold them achieve something in the & # 8220 ; existent world. & # 8221 ;


Whites were every bit suffering as their

black victims & # 8230 ; [ i ] degree Fahrenheit this state

can & # 8217 ; t happen its manner to a human

way & # 8230 ; so all of us, black as good

as white, are traveling down the same

drain ( Wright 383 ) .

Wright brings away a good point that by keeping

one race back it may be keeping back the whole

universe. For one time, an African American male or

female may hold been put on this universe to do a

intent in our lives, and by non carry throughing their

heads with cognition to assist them accomplish that end

we are set behind. Just as Friedan points out that

& # 8220 ; America & # 8217 ; s greatest beginning of fresh learning ability was

adult females & # 8221 ; ( Friedan 17 ) .

But it was non the civilization of the society that

holds people back, it is besides yourself if you as a

individual can non contend back and educate yourself

against what society thinks is right, you fail

yourself. Knowledge is power and those who do non

hold the spirit to derive that cognition will fall

deep within the clefts and will non be able to

survive. But Richard Wright battles to carry through his

hungriness of instruction that is denied to him. The

functions of the African Americans are mapped out for

them, doing them follow to the set aspirations

society has for them. Merely as society does for the

adult females in Friedan & # 8217 ; s novel were to draw a bead on to be a


Overall, Friedan and Wright though coming from two

different times and topographic points both focus on subjugation of the

head. The subjugation that brings this universe against one

another is destructing each individual. With instruction being

told as being for the & # 8220 ; white adult male & # 8221 ; merely and our functions

outlined by society, we try non to travel against them. But we

should non allow our civilization hold us back if we feel a nothingness by

non accomplishing what we as a individual and equal in this universe



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