Female characters in Death of a salesman are marginalised and trivialised. Criticism from women’s rightists reflects the lives of adult females and what extent they are marginalised and trivialised. Womans are being relegated to a secondary degree and are made unimportant as portrayed by critics. women’s rightist and Arthur Miller in his book Death of a salesman and this can be derived from their positions towards the subject. There are different grounds why and different ways in which adult females are made unimportant and ways in which this may be stopped if non minimized.

Some feminist position marginalisation and trivialization as factors brought about by equality or difference in gender or sex. They argue that women’s supposed differences from work forces have been used over the centuries to warrant favoritism against adult females and their exclusion from full societal and political citizenship. They argue that the changeless distinction. nevertheless has been that adult females have been given an inferior or secondary position in the society because of the false natural sexual difference pg9-10 ( freedman. Feminism ) .

For centuries difference has been the get downing point of and justification for the creative activity of different societal functions for work forces and adult females. Not merely was women’s biological capacity for child birth and chest eating and the by and large lesser physical strength seen as finding their societal function in the place. busying themselves with domestic jobs and conveying up kids. but it was besides claimed that these biological differences made them disqualify to take part in the populace sphere. Womans were judged to be less sensible than work forces. more ruled by emotion. and therefore incapable of political determination devising. for illustration.

They continue to state that the societal functions and manners of behavior that civilisations have assigned to adult females have kept them in an inferior place to that of work forces. This means that adult females are non like the Working categories in Marxism political orientation: they have non emerged an oppressed group because of peculiar historical fortunes. but have ever been oppressed in all signifiers of societal organisation. Ortner ( 1998: 21 ) argues: the secondary position of adult females in the society is one of the true universals. a pan-cultural fact.

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And as she goes on to explicate. this secondary position of adult females can be explained by the fact that within multiplicity of cultural constructs and symbolisations of adult females that exist and that have existed in different societies. there is a changeless in the adult females are being closer to nature in their physiology. their societal function and their mind. Whereas adult females have been perceived as closer to nature. work forces have been perceived as closer to civilization. more suitable for public functions and political association.

For this ground. adult females have been relegated to a secondary position in the society. frequently confined to functions in the place instead than able to submit to powerful public places. For illustration Willy Loman treated his married woman Linda severely. he overpowered her and he bosses her and disrespects her and s ever rude to her and this is why she kept herself busy with house hold responsibilities as any other laden married woman would make. E. g he doesn’t give her a opportunity to speak when she tries to give her ain sentiment pg31 and he shouts at her a batch even she is making the best she can to do state of affairss better pg69 ( Arthur Miller. Death of a salesman ) Carol Gilligan believes that the ground why adult females are marginalized and trivialised is because their voices have non been heard. that adult females have non been given a opportunity to aerate out their positions because of the common civilization that work forces are more superior.

‘Only if we can understand why their voices have been silenced. and how the dominant ideal of moral liberty in our civilization. every bit good as the privileged definition of the moral domain. go on to hush women’s voices. do we hold a hope of traveling to a more incorporate vision of ourselves of our fellow worlds generalized every bit good as ‘concrete’ others’ . Benhabib 1988:95 ) for illustration: where Linda tries to give suggestions or to air out her sentiment so Willy tell her to close up and he told her non to disrupt him. Willy does non let her to state what she wants to state. he does non give her the chance to talk.

This in its ain manner is marginalisation and trivialization because it proves how work forces feel that everything they say is right and affairs most than what adult females say because they feel that they are more superior than adult females. pg31 and pg49 ( Arthur Miller. Death of a salesman ) Feminist ambivalency to motherliness is based on the statement that women’s public function if framed women’s status of subjugation: the political orientation of domesticity and women’s exclusion from public functions in society. The qualities and capacities make adult females different from work forces are those acquired through their status of subjugation. Pg31 ( Sara Goodman and Diana Mulinari. Feminist intercession in discourses on gender and development ) . Dorothy Smith ( 1987 ) has shown how work forces in place of power do non merely command the universe but name it and how adult females are excluded from the procedure of description and telling the universe.

SHULAMITH FIRESTONE 1979:12 believes that women’s subjugation is therefore the primary subjugation. ‘an subjugation that goes back beyond history to the carnal land itself’ . and this subjugation is based on biological subjugation. The effects of biological science are all-pervading. and women’s inferior societal place can be explained by biology- their generative capacity and their diminished physical status – these biological factors being reinforced by men’s development of societal constructions that keep adult females tied to their generative function. pg69 ( freedman. Feminism ) .

Examples of subjugation are where Linda ever tries to do state of affairss better as manner to delight her hubby. she takes a batch from Willy and ne’er complains about the manner he treats her. She takes all this in because she believes in delighting her husbanding and by so making it is shown that she is oppressed. she is non making what she wants but what she thinks is right because she lives under the shadow of her hubby and her absolutism. E. g Linda looks out for her hubby. does everything in his favor and does everything for him. E. where she asks her boies non give Willy a difficult clip and where she tries to do the state of affairs hitter by stating him that it was merely a gag yet she know it wasn’t and she does this to protect him pg42-48 ( Arthur Miller. Death of a salesman ) Firestone ( 1979 ) says women’s release is hence ’a battle to interrupt free from oppressive power construction set by nature and reinforced by man’ . She believes that adult females must be liberated through devastation of biological subjugation and this can go on through the development of generative engineerings that will liberate adult females from their biological reproduction capacity.

In my sentiment. marginalisation and trivialization are phenomenons that exist in mundane life because it is believed that adult male are superior and adult females are inferior and this thought contributes therefore they encourage marginalized and trivialization of adult females. Inequality and difference are besides lending factors because they give the feeling that merely because adult females and adult male are different based on their sex. adult females are believed to be incapable of a batch of things including determination devising therefore giving adult male the feeling that they are able to govern or they are more capable of a batch than adult females.

Oppression is besides a conducive factor because it limits adult females from making things to their full capacity in that they live harmonizing to what they are stipulated to make and this subjugation gives adult male the power to minimize adult females and to do them unimportant. I believe that equality intending equal chances to both adult male and adult females is the best solution to halting marginalisation and trivialization of adult females.


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