The intent of this undertaking is to supply the necessary cognition and experience to proficiently configure a Cisco Linksys WRT600N Router to execute Network Address Translation so that LAN private IPs are decently translated to public IPs for communicating to the Internet. If Network Address Translation is disabled the local web devices will non be able to pass on to the exterior. i. e. to the cyberspace. The tutorial listed below will assist you configure NAT on the router. To merely prove if NAT is working. you should be able to voyage to any “outside” web site for confirmation.

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1. Network Address Translation ( NAT ) : The Procedure of change overing private IP addresses to Public IP addresses that will let communicating with hosts on the Internet.

NAT Tutorial

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1. First log in with the undermentioned Uniform resource locator: hypertext transfer protocol: //ui. linksys. com/files/WRT600N/1. 01. 35/SetupDHCP. htm

2. The Basic Setup page should be the default page upon initial log in. 3. Under the Setup Tab. chink on Advanced Routing Option.

4. Under the Advanced Routing in the left Task bill of fare. to enable NAT merely set the radial button to “Enabled” and snap Save Settings for the alterations to use.

Part 2 –Packet Filtering

The intent of this papers is to setup and configure package filtrating on the WRT600N Linksys Wireless Router. Packet filtrating can help in security by forestalling unwanted Internet petitions to the internal web or prevent the web from being “pinged” from an unknown reference.

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Packet Filtering- A engineering that can barricade or open ports for TCP/UDP and ICMP protocols. Firewall- A device or package that can filtrate different types of web traffic between internal and external webs. Multicast- Multicast traffic allows hosts and or devices who specifically requested the traffic to have the traffic alternatively of the full web having the traffic. MAC address- Media Access Control reference is the physical reference unique to all devices. No two MAC reference are the same.

Packet Filtering Tutorial

1. First log in with the undermentioned Uniform resource locator: hypertext transfer protocol: //ui. linksys. com/files/WRT600N/1. 01. 35/SetupDHCP. htm

2. Navigate to the Security Tab. so chink on the “Firewall” nexus.

3. To enable unwanted Internet Requests. put a cheque grade in the “Filter Anonymous Internet Requests” 4. If you would wish to filtrate petitions sent to the router to multiple webs. topographic point a cheque grade in the “Filter Multicast” wireless box. 5. If you wish to filtrate Internet NAT Redirection. topographic point cheque grade in the wireless box. 6. To forestall outside devices from scanning port 113. topographic point a cheque grade in the “Filter IDENT ( Port 113 ) ” wireless box.

7. Following. navigate to the “Access Restrictions” Tab to custom-make package filtrating even further. 8. To enable Internet Access limitations to other PC’s on the web. turn up the Access Policy bead down and take an entree policy ( There can be up to 10 Access Policies ) . Then enter a Policy Name. for this illustration we will utilize “Server Personal computer Test” . To enable the policy chink on the “Enabled” position wireless box. ( See Diagram 1 ) Under Applied PC’s. chink on the “Edit List” box to open up the Personal computer you wish to hold the Access policy applied. ( See Diagram 2 )

( Diag 1 )

( Diag 2 )
9. I have created a sample MAC reference and IP reference for our “Server Personal computer Test” . you will desire to take the Personal computer you wish to allow/deny Internet Access excessively from this screen. Click on Save Settings so near window to return to the Internet Access Policy page. The following subdivision titled. “Access Restriction” will let you to Allow/Deny the selected PC’s from holding Internet Access during certain yearss and clip. In this Example I have denied internet entree everyday for 24 hours. so no affair what twenty-four hours or clip this waiter will non hold entree to the cyberspace.

10. To enable Website Blocking by URL Address. merely come in up to four URL’s in the boxes provided that will curtail entree from the selected PC’s. I have contained two URL’s as an illustration.

11. Web sites may besides be blocked that contain certain Keyword as shown in the illustration.

12. Last. certain Applications can be blocked ( up to 3 ) from accessing the cyberspace. In this illustration. I have blocked the waiter from accessing the HTTP protocol on port 80 and besides FTP on port 21. To deny an application choose the application on the left and chink on the “ & gt ; & gt ; ” symbol to add it to the Blocked List on the right. If the application that needs blocked is non in the applications menu. you can merely make a custom application as shown in the diagram below.

Part 3 – Router as Default Gateway

This papers will let you to setup your router as the default gateway which will let other web devices and hosts to portion an cyberspace connexion and resources on the same web. The map of the default gateway will let the router to be used as a gateway to the outside and or cyberspace. If multiple devices use the default gateway’s address they can be administered and supervising utilizing the router.

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Default Gateway- A Personal computer or router that can find the best way packages can take on the same local subnet. DHCP- Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol allows IP references to be assigned to hosts on the web. WAN- A Wide Area Network connects geographically spaced LAN’s logically as if they were on the same web. IP Address- Internet Protocol Address is an reference that unambiguously identifies a host/device for web communicating.

Default Gateway Tutorial

1. First log in with the undermentioned Uniform resource locator: hypertext transfer protocol: //ui. linksys. com/files/WRT600N/1. 01. 35/SetupDHCP. htm

2. Under Internet Setup. so “Internet Connection Type” . chink on the bead down bill of fare and take “Automatic Configuration – DHCP” . This WAN reference will be handled by the Internet Service Provider. 3. The following inside informations should be displayed under “Network Setup” . IP-Address: 192. 168. 1. 1 with a subnet mask of 255. 255. 255. 0. The router will be used as a DHCP waiter. with a get downing IP of 192. 168. 1. 100. and besides utilizing a max figure of 50 users. Any host that you want to utilize to link to this router will necessitate to hold the default gateway of: 192. 168. 1. 1 for usage on the local web.

4. Snap on “Save Settings” and you are finished.


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