The fear of communism extends into the US, Over 80,000 communists in the US after WWII, Some members of the government turned over documents to a pro-communist magazine. Loyalty review board for government employees created by Truman from 1947-1951 3. 2 million were investigated, 212 were fired as a result, and 2900 quite to avoid being investigated. HUCA- House Committee of Un-American Activities: Developed a committee to search out disloyal Americans before WWII. In 1947 they began investigation Hollywood’s film industry.

Hollywood Ten: 10 decided not to cooperate with the investigation and testify to the committee on what they knew they were sent to prison. Blacklist: 500 actors, Writers, producers, and directors who were virtually kicked out of the film industry because they were labeled communists. McCarran Internal Security Bill: prohibited any action that might lead to the establishment of a communist or totalitarian government in the US. Truman vetoed, but Congress overrides it. Alger Hiss was accused of spying for the Soviet Union.

There were too many years that had gone by for the government to prosecute Hiss. With espionage he was still sent to jail. Hiss said that he was innocent and said the chambers had forged the documents that were used against him, but Hiss was still proven guilty. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg: Soviets gained information of atomic bomb through Claus Punch. He admitted giving information about the bomb ti the Soviets. McCarthyism: Sent Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin created a witch hunt to prevent communism from talking over the government.

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