Nova School of Business and Economics 2nd Semester 2011/2012 Marta Andre Lopes n?10265 International Management – 4th Case Study Summary – Fiji Water and Corporate Social Responsibility: Green Makeover or”Greenwashing” ? 1. Introducing the Case The instance traces the constitution and subsequent operation of Fiji Water LLC and its bottling subordinate. Natural Waters of Viti Limited. the first company in Fiji pull outing. bottling and selling. both domestically and internationally. artesian H2O coming from a untasted ecosystem in the chief of Fiji Islands. It takes us through the growing and market enlargement of this extremely successful company.

The company has grown quickly over the past decennary and a half. and now exports bottled H2O into many states in the universe from its production works located in the Fiji Islands. In 2008. Fiji Water was the taking imported bottled H2O trade name in the United States. Despite of a great selling success of the Fiji trade name. peculiarly in the U. S. market. the instance shows us how the company has responded to a figure of corporate societal duty ( CSR ) issues. including measurement and cut downing its C footmark. duties to cardinal stakeholders. and concerns of the Fiji authorities with respect to revenue enhancement and reassign pricing issues.

It besides leads us to believe of CSR challenges that may endanger the sustainability of a great selling scheme. In this instance. Fiji Water faces CSR issues such as the C footmark on its production. duties to stakeholders. dealingss and legal issues with the Fiji governments on revenue enhancement inducements. export responsibility claims and reassign monetary value that may endanger an otherwise successful selling scheme. . Challenges Ahead The firms’ schemes should non merely concentrate on the stakeholders’ or the employees’ involvements. they should besides take attention of the outsiders’ involvements affected by the firms’ concern since every house. irrespective of its concern or size. must hold an duty to fulfill the societal involvements when it does the concern in the interest of the stakeholders.

The instance showed that a corporation’s selling and ethical schemes should non merely concentrate on the involvement of the stakeholders and the legal conformity of that corporation’s concern. but besides centre on the moral and societal duties. A corporation with a more socially responsible pattern would see itself as responsible corporate citizen of the full society for every class of concern actions.

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Besides. if a corporation fails to keep a good CSR pattern. it exposes the concern to assorted green nterests groups which may trip the corporation’s sustainability. Given this. it is really of import that corporations and their sellers care about CSR pattern to guarantee the sustainable scheme. which help to guarantee the accomplishment of the stakeholders’ involvements by pull offing economic. legal. societal. cultural. and environmental hazards. Fiji Water LLC showed a great part in Fiji with regard to revenue enhancement gross. occupations for local workers. foreign currency aggregation from export gross revenues and so on.

These factors guarantee that the production installations in Fiji can be sufficiently operated and expanded over the old ages to run into the increasing demand from consumers. I think that the company could develop a comprehensive plan on measuring. tracking. coverage. and audit on corporate committednesss and duties on environment protection of itself and its sellers. which could assist to Fiji Water LLC and its sellers to better its environmental credibleness in attesting that Fiji Water LLC is carbon negative.

Besides. the company should get down paying more corporate revenue enhancements to show that it is a good corporate citizen by revisit its transportation pricing pattern. As a effect. it should reexamine and optimise its concern operations to be more efficient and effectual by cut downing its costs. equilibrating the involvements of its stakeholders and Fijian authorities.


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