Drachma Essay In the novel, Drachma by Abram Stoker, he developed the writing of his novel by addressing the struggles between a modern society of progress, science, and technology with superstitions, folk beliefs and from the past. Abram stoker became interested in ancient superstitions including one from Club in Transylvania, Romania. He was a sickly child whose mother used to tell him ghost stories.

Throughout the novel, two characters addressed these behaviors, Abraham Van Helping, a Dutch professor who is a doctor and a lawyer and a philosopher and metaphysical. Also, Dry. John Seward a young doctor who studies psychological and owns his own asylum. Both of them showed their work by stopping the Count Drachma and killing him and going through rough obstacles. Firstly, Stoker introduces superstitions with a philosopher doctor, Abraham Van Helping who when arrives, goes to help Lucy Westerns, a poor girl who has gotten bitten by Drachma, a vampire.

He suspects what has Lucy all wrong is two red bite marks on her throat, whom believed by Van Helping is caused by a vampire. Van Helping quotes that “the disease – for not to be all well is disease-interest me” (Stokers 21). In this quote states that he suspects something not so well with Lully’s well-being and wants to figure out the conclusions. One way he tries to use garlic to “treat” Lucy, he spreads it all around her room and makes her wear a wreath around her neck when sleeping and closes the window so nothing evil gets to her while sleeping.

A quote that states this superstitions would be ” first he fastened up the windows and latched them securely, next taking a handful of the flowers, he rubbed them all over the sashes, as though to ensure that ever whiff of IR that might get in would be laden with the garlic smell”(Stoker 138). Also, when treating Lucy, they come up with modern science/technology, for example Lucy keeps getting worst and looks paler than before so Van Helping decides to transfuse blood so her health could get better.

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A quote that refers to this would be “we must have another transfusion of blood, and that soon, or that poor girl’s life won’t be worth an hour’s purchase”(Stoker 156). This is used to incorporate some modern science with-I superstitions made by Van Helping regarding Lucy Westerner’s health throughout the evolve. Secondly, Stoker also develops superstitions and modern society of process with a character, Dry. John Seward, who runs an asylum. There he has a esophagi patient named R. M. Rendered, who cares for because he got interested in his care.

Rendered has a case where he eats his animals/insects he collects which for him provide life. A quote that refers to this process would be “l scold him for it, but he argued quietly that it was very good, very wholesome, that it was life, strong life, and gave life to him”(Stoker 73). Also, Stoker shows modern science by Dry. Seward by experimenting and getting knowledge of his patient Rendered, which will help him find other sicknesses and cures for those who need it with this he, might embrace his own Drain AT science.

I nose examples provoke Tanat stoker wanted to gain modern science and superstitions together. In conclusion Stoker’s writing embraces struggles faced between modern society and superstitions of many different people in Transylvania, Romania. These facts came from long time investigation throughout his years of studying this information. There ancient rumors have caused a worldwide issue especially with vampires better known as the old story Drachma.


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