How might an upward surge in the FETES 100 share price index during the first few months of 2013 be explained? Use a recent graph of this share price to illustrate your answer. (1 0 marks) Q. 4 (a) Explain the operation and activities of the Money Market. Why is there a need for such a market? (10 marks) (c) Explain how a Central Bank might use the Money Market to conduct monetary policy in order to target the rate of inflation. (10 marks) Guidance and Preparation Note: I.

Each question should be answered with reference to the key published academic literature and relevant financial data and evidence. Each part , excluding Q . 3 (b) requires a focused answer within 500-600 word limit. 2. For Q. 3(b) you need to review carefully and briefly some of the key literature on the efficiency of the ELSE , combine this evidence with some of your own financial ATA analysis ( including data on the traded share prices within the framework of the ELSE market), to arrive at a conclusion.

Normally this process can be done within a 1500 word limit plus an appropriate appendix if required. Assessment Criteria 1 . Evidence of background reading and relevance of the material to the question posed. 2 Appropriate use of Harvard referencing system . 3. Depth of analysis based on relevant academic literature and empirical evidence. 4. Appropriate conclusion based on relevant analysis and empirical evidence/ financial data provided.

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