The topic I chose to write about was about Jobs and how difficult it Is to get one. Many under aged teens struggle when It comes to this, and don’t really get the opportunities Like others to work. Jobs can be a problem for a lot of people to receive now a day. They seek them because they want money. There are a variety of ways to solve this problem involving different standards for all kinds of people.

Volunteering can be a good solution for first time workers because it gives them the recommendation they need when applying. An internship can also come in handy because it gives the person a little experience on working. There are a lot of little jobs you can do on the side as well when you’re working your way up to a bigger job. For example: babysitting, car washes, dog walking, chores and even starting your own “DID’ blobs and selling your own creations!

Another solution can be making your own business. Starting things like this can benefit them In a different type of way because It can teach them what It means to have a Job. By doing this of course It comes with some pros and cons. Pros about doing this would be they can make a little profit out of It, It’s almost Like side job. A con would be that they will eventually they will give up and stop searching for a better job.

The last hopefully best solution would be to not give up, eventually he or she will be given a Job, being patient comes in handy. Always strive for your goals, no matter what the circumstances are. Thus, there are many different ways on how to get a job. In my opinion, I believe the best one would be to not lose hope, ever. Sooner or later you will be given one. This can also depend on what kind of person he or she is and how far they are willing to go when It comes to this.

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