First Week of College” This first week of college has been very exciting . I remember on Sunday all day not knowing what and how to feel and what to expect. I woke up Monday morning nervous and excited, but also blessed because I feel lucky for what I call “one of those fortunate kids to be able to attend college”. Vive been reading this devotional book each morning since I began Monday and I pray before I leave the house.

Monday morning, I got on this campus, and I immediately started walking towards my first class, excited and anxious, but nervous because I didn’t know anyone in the class. I met my first teacher for the day, Mrs.. Martinez for Math, and she is such a sweet and nice woman. Then, I had my hour-and-a-half until my next class, Student Success, so I met up with my best friend Whitney, which I haven’t seen the last time we were at Taco Bell with her mom and grandma, sometime in late June or early July.

Her mom passed away last month and Thursday, August 29th would be one month. I was so happy to see her and share my college experience with her!!! Then, I had lunch and bought a ham and Swiss cheese sub. Then, it was time to go to my last class, Student Success with Mrs.. Butler, who is also a lovely lady. I walked in the class, with my friend Alison, and was nervous not knowing what to expect. The syllabus and presentation was very informative and I enjoyed playing and listening to the “Have

You Ever? ” and the “Head, Shoulders” games. The day ended. I left the campus happy and grateful to be a part of this experience. Tuesday afternoon came and I went to my English class, and met my teacher, Mr.. Approach, who is a really funny guy and sarcastic. I also left this day feeling happy and grateful and I’m really starting to feel comfortable in my own skin and I’m loving passing through many of my friends from whom I went to high school with or young adults from my church.

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One thing I did twice is that for me personally, I felt that the atmosphere was different… In a good way. It’s very unique and I’m beginning to get accustom with it and a liking to it. I also believe that I’m going to use all these resources to my benefits and Vive met some incredible people already that will make some great study buddies. Over these past 2 days, it’s Just been an incredible feeling, I’m looking forward to the rest of this year, and I Just feel incredibly blessed. First Day of College By Turbulence


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