progressive tax
a tax in which wage earners with higher incomes are taxed at a higher percentage rate than earners with lower incomes
proportional tax
a tax in which wage earners with lower incomes are taxed at a higher percentage rate than earners with higher incomes
a group of individuals, usually within a community, who share traditions, interests, and establishments
an amount taken from income or added to purchases by various levels of government
If expansionary taxation policies encourage growth, are they always appropriate to implement?
Yes, the government will still ensure that individuals and businesses continue to receive all necessary services.
According to the chart, the citizens are being taxed….
Governments collects taxes to ensure that….
….citizens contribute to meeting society’s needs.
A sales tax is a type of….
….indirect tax.
Which best explains how contractionary policies can hamper economic growth?
They slow demand.
Which are examples of programs or projects most likely funded by taxes in the United States?
-constructing a highway
-maintaining state parks
-collecting garbage
Under an expansionary taxation policy, the government tries to stimulate economic growth by….
….increasing spending.
How are progressive taxes and regressive taxes similar?
Both are considered flat taxes.
Which of these is most likely the US government’s aim in taxing imported goods?
to protect domestic businesses
Which best describes how expansionary policies can facilitate economic growth?
They increase disposable income.
Which of these best describes income tax?
direct tax
Which best describes what this graph indicates about government spending?
The government almost always spends more than it collects.
Under a contractionary taxation policy, the government tries to improve its finances by….
….increasing taxes.
A(n) ________ policy is employed when the government chooses to run a larger deficit.
Property taxes are usually determined based on….
….the value of the property.
How is an excise tax different from a sales tax?
An excise tax applies to specific products.

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