Fitness is the structure to a long healthy life. Being fit entitles a better chance to live longer and grow older with more mobility then most people, helping you to be able to do activities you normally couldn’t if leading an unhealthy life. The popular saying “health is wealth” gives large meaning to our life as health is considered the most valuable and precious for every individual. Staying healthy not only brings a state of absence to disease in the body but complete physical, mental, and social well-being of an individual.

Fitness leads to success, more happiness, self-confidence, and a longer lasting life span. Fitness can lead to much success in a person’s social integrity and confidence. In most cases a person who is fit and in shape is more confident than a person who isn’t. A person in shape seems to most people more sociable because of the attraction mark in society between men and women in shape. A person has more confidence to approach strangers, co-workers, friends, and even family because they feel good and look good. It can provide social opportunities which can lead to more friends and a partner.

Plus it makes you feel good when out in public to know you’re in top shape and look at your best when seen by others. Employers like to see employees who can take care of themselves in most job cases because it shows signs of responsibility, self-improvement, and work ethic. With good health it shows that you are most likely to strive on the job and have a less of a chance spreading viruses or any disease around the work place. With a healthy out-look you are more suitable to a higher paying job because of the interest of population in health, fitness, and attraction to another person.

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Fitness can lead to the ability to have more energy after work to do activities or go out with friends and family and still feel good. Boss’s might admire you for staying fit or be jealous either way you are envied by others which can boost confidence and work stamina, and you might like working a little more. The most important reason of all to stay healthy is to live a happy, longer, healthier life. Fitness can lead to good hygiene and diet which strengthens your life span. It gives a person the chance to do more with themselves because the more time to live they will have.

Better chance of a family, more friends, more adventures, and a day more to live on earth. Fitness can lead to a healthy strong family if no genetic set-backs get in the way. With a healthy family it can assure life of happiness and for your name to be passed down to your children and for more stories to come of it. Fitness ensues more opportunity for a person to do things they always dreamed and staying fit to live those extra days is the key. Fitness is key to a more successful, happy, fulfilled life.

Eating healthy, exercising, and staying clean are the keys to staying fit. To be fit is more opportunity in the work place, more chance of a striving family, and the chance to live longer. Every person should strive to be fit because this is what almost all people want in life and being fit is a big step to getting there. Fitness is lives way of keeping people on this planet longer to enjoy more days so why can’t all people be fit? Everyone can, just strive and work hard and all of this can become everyone’s present and future.


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