Pandora had us crushing lyrics to every song on the plastic. With every sip you felt a rush of adrenalin pumping through your body like the bass coming from the speakers. Winding and twisting through the hills we creep closer and closer to our destination; Bear Stats, Legislative Mo, a small town know for nothing more than its nice river accesses and great camping sites. A parade of cars filed into town, some pulling into the only liqueur store while others continued down the road. We hit the station meeting up with a few friends.

We followed them down the last dirt road we say our prayers for a safe trip and a fun- ailed weekend we would never forget. We’ve made it! We hopped out of the car and walked into the check in shack. There were people everywhere, bar-b-King, blaring music and setting up tents. As we got to our site, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and took off on foot. We started towards a concert that was going on near the front of the camp, when we ran into a hopped up, full- fledged hippie. We talked it up for a few minutes when he felt obligated to offer us what mad our weekend unforgettable!

He walked us over to his rind’s campsite asking a few questions like “Have you dudes ever tried mushrooms? ” We stopped dead in our tracks, Just staring at each other. Neither one of us had ever tried anything like that. He played it off like true salesman, saying “It’s all natural man. ” “No way’, sarcastically I responded. The suspense was growing when the unknown friend came out of the trailer and dropped two bags on the table. The two guys smirked, and sent us on our way. We headed back to camp, to sit by a blazing fire and finish eating the ticket to our amazing night!

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Consumed in conversation things began to morph; sights, sounds, everything. The trees started dancing; you could feel the music, while everything was enhanced. We soon gathered our thoughts and made our way back to the show. The stage was quivering and people were raging. I found myself star searching in a crowd hundreds of people draped in mud. The smells began to intensify, cloaking the air with river water and alcohol. Grooving with the crowd, the friend I’m experiencing this with walks up and says, “Do you see those people over there. Anemia” I replied. He answered back, “I’m feeling really drawn to them, like our energies are connecting. ” I looked at him astonished with what he said. I checked to see if his brain was still intact and agreed to go introduce ourselves. They were sitting Indian style, smoking cigarettes on a hand- made quilt her mother had made. Casually we made our way up to them and eventually made friends for life. They introduced themselves as Mother Rainbow and Kayak, couple that had been coming to the same campsite for twenty years.

What happened next was unbelievable, we talked for hours as they told s stories of their younger years and what things used to cost them. The couple seemed to be stuck in a time portal liking them to 1969. Her long hair stretched down to her back like a horse’s mane distinguishing her from everyone else. Kayak on the other hand appeared to be cleaner cut man, expect the scruff he had acquired from the few days before. We vided and grooved to the music for the rest of the concert, establishing a new found friendship.

As the concert grew to an end, we said our good buys while making plans to see hem the following year. Following the crowd back to the campsites we came across to older gentle men. Dean and Doug invited us to come and have a few beers and enjoy the rest of the night with them. We began swapping stories, when we had told them about the previous four hours. Astonishing them the asked a few questions and continued to chat it up until we saw the sunrise. They concluded the night with one phrase that I’ll never forget. “Don’t take time for granted, you’ll want it back before it wants you. ”


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