India. being a peninsular state and surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. is rather prone to deluge. As per the Geological Survey of India ( GSI ) . the major inundation prone countries of India screen about 12. 5 % country of the state.

Every twelvemonth. inundation. the most common catastrophe in India causes huge loss to the country’s belongings and lives.

India Flood Prone Areas

The provinces falling within the fringe of “India Flood Prone Areas” are West Bengal. Orissa. Andhra Pradesh. Kerala. Assam. Bihar. Gujrat. Uttar Pradesh. Haryana and Punjab. The intense monsoon rains from southwest causes rivers like Brahmaputra. Ganga. Yamuna etc. to swell their Bankss. which in bend inundations the next countries.

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Over the past few decennaries. cardinal India has become familiar with precipitation events like torrential rains and brassy inundations. The major inundation prone countries in India are the river Bankss and deltas of Ravi. Yamuna-Sahibi. Gandak. Sutlej. Ganga. Ghaggar. Kosi. Teesta. Brahmaputra. Mahanadi. Mahananda. Damodar. Godavari. Mayurakshi. Sabarmati and their feeders.

Though the north-Indian fields prone to deluge more. the “India inundation prone areas” can be loosely categorized in three divisions: Besides the Ganga. rivers like Sarada. Rapti. Gandak and Ghagra causes inundation in eastern portion of Uttar Pradesh. The Yamuna is celebrated for deluging Haryana and Delhi. Bihar experiences monolithic unsafe inundation every twelvemonth. River Burhi. Bagmati. Gandak. Kamla along with many little rivers contribute to that. In West Bengal. rivers like Mahananda. Bhagirathi. Damodar. Ajay etc. causes inundations because of tidal effects and deficient river channels.

* Brahmaputra and Barak Basins: The river Bankss of Brahmaputra and Barak gets flooded due to the Surplus H2O found in the Brahmaputra basin and the Barak basin. These rivers along with their feeders flood the northeasterly provinces like West Bengal. Assam and Sikkim. Jaldakha. Teesta and Torsa in northern West Bengal and rivers in Manipur frequently overflow their Bankss. * Central India and Deccan Rivers Basin: In Orissa. sloping over of river Bankss by Mahanadi. Baitarni and Brahmani causes mayhem.

The deltaic country formed by these three rivers is thickly populated. Even some little rivers of Kerala and mud watercourse from the nearby hills add on to the devastation. Southern and cardinal India observes inundations caused by Narmada. Godavari. Tapi. Krishna and Mahanadi due to heavy rainfall. Cyclonic storms in the deltaic parts of Godavari. Mahanadi and Krishna even floods the coastal parts of Andhra Pradesh. Orissa and Tamil Nadu on occasion.


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