‘A thing of beauty is joy forever. ’ One of them is flowers. The sweet smell of flowers enhances the aura and ambience of the celebration. Flowers are one of the most important parts of decoration for any occasion. They add a natural sweetness to the whole mood of celebration. So, how about choosing a career that allows you to spend all of your time with the lovely flowers!! Being a florist proves to be a wonderful career option for people who love to be around nature. It feels great to see multiple mixed emotions on the face of people who visit you to buy flowers for different occasions- be it birth, wedding or death.

All you need is perfectness of creative imagination to mould the requirement of the occasion to a unique, beautiful floral pattern. SKILLS The job of a florist is not a child’s play. Not only one requires love for flowers but also complete knowledge of the uses of different flowers. You need to be efficient and quick enough to immediately react to the customer’s requirement and use suitable flowers and color combinations as per the occasion. This job also requires a lot of physical strength as this job starts early and requires lifting things from here and there.

You also require a lot of innovativeness as this is the only criteria on which the customer will judge your capability. NATURE OF WORK A florist has to deal with the flower vendors and suppliers daily and take the right quality of flowers. He has to maintain the freshness of these flowers and decide the selling rate of these flowers. He has to meet the clients who come to give the orders for weddings, parties, funerals and other celebrations. He must have good listening and interpretation skills to attend all types of customers without panic.

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He also needs to give valuable suggestions to the customers for taking care of the flowers and foliage. In today’s times, you also need to complete the orders placed on phone or through internet. He also needs to work when others want to enjoy like Sundays, festivals and days like Valentines’ Day and New Year. SCOPE Anything new is very demanding in the present world. A career in floristry has a lot of scope in well established places. You can start your own entrepreneurial venture by doing something innovative or you can work with people like event managers, wedding planners or flowers supplying companies.

You can collaborate with interior designers or multi-star hotels. You can also extend your creativity and design beautiful gardens and nurseries for bungalows and houses as people today want to make their homes green, cheerful and refreshing. You can also organize exhibitions and workshops of your own. Flowers are an inevitable part of celebrations. So, if you have the sufficient amount of talent, then even the downturning economy cannot stop you from creating nice choreographies of flowers and earning handsome amounts of profits. HOW TO LEARN There is no specific requirement to be a florist.

All you need is skill, thoughtful approach, capacity to work under pressure, realism and faith in yourself. Several colleges offer courses in flower designing and arrangement. You can also learn floristry by studying home science or working with some Plants and Flowers Associations. The best way to learn is to imagine and design. Take feedbacks from people and improve. Be up to date with the availability of various flowers. Keep on surfing the net for it. You also need to have oratory and convincing skills to develop good and long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Experience is what counts in the end. OPPORTUNITIES You can start whenever you feel like. This career option does not have any age-limit barrier. You do not need to invest much also. Initially the gain will be less, may be just Rs. 6,000 to 8,000/- a month. But gradually you can earn also earn up to Rs. 40,000/-. Flower decorators get around 25% of the earnings of the event management companies. After settling, you can also take up big projects and make large profits. Just take care that you have the right knowledge, you choose the right time and and you make the right investment.


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