Food civilization of Bangladesh
Bangladesh is rich with assorted types of nutrients which enrich our civilization and do it familiar among the people of other states in the universe. There are different types of nutrients in Bangladesh which are wholly dissimilar from one another from the side of gustatory sensation and value. Generally. rice. dekaliter. fish. vegetable and meat are our chief dishes and the people of Bangladesh take three repasts in a twenty-four hours. In the forenoon. we take breakfast where the urban people take ruti. porota. biscuit. vegetable. poulet. tea etc. and the rural people take muri. khoi. pitha or stale rice with chilly. In tiffin. the people of different scopes take different nutrients harmonizing to their ain pick and demand.

Most of the people take rice. dekaliter. vegetable and fish in their tiffin. There’s a common expression: “Fish and rice do a Bengali. ” At the clip of cooking our cook uses different types of spices like Allium sativum. Piper nigrums. Curcuma longa. onion. cinnamon. Chinese parsley. Cuminum cyminum. or mustard seed etc. that make our nutrients more tasty. In our day-to-day repasts we by and large take assorted veggies. fish bhuna. fried okra. Bhorta. fried eggplant. poulet curry. lentils. Egg curry. beef. mouton etc. with rice. Again in our bites we usually take Paratha. Samosa. Singara. puri. fried roti stuffed with eggs. Naan. Pitha ( vapa. puli. patishapta. dudhpitha. telpitha. chitoi pitha etc. ) . Mishti Doi. Ras Malai etc. After taking our repasts we normally drink tea. milk etc. We besides take assorted types of fruits in our leisure clip ; Mangifera indicas. doodly-squat fruits. banana. pine apple. orange. apple. Psidium littorale. H2O melon. coconut and other seasonal fruits are taken harmonizing to the season and pick.


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