A food handler’s duties regarding food safety include all of the following practices EXCEPT:
Periodically test food for illness causing microorganisms
What is the most direct cause of customer loyalty?
High Standards in Food Safety.
What is the best way to prevent poor food safety?
Employee training
A food safety policy is a statement that lists the manner in which an establishment will maintain a food-safe environment. Essentially this lists the _______ of the establishment with respect to the level of food safety to be maintained.
All of the following are the most common Critical Control Points (CCPs) EXCEPT:
Customer service
Which agency publishes the food code?
_______ are the items of food handling most likely to be vulnerable to hazards.
Critical Control Points
Minor violations may be granted upwards of _______ days for correction.
Local health codes establish requirements for all of the following subjects EXCEPT:
Price controls
Normally the establishment has up to _______ days to correct detected violations.
An organism that lives in or on another organism, often with harmful side effects—but without benefits is a:
The viral infection Hepatitis A can be most effectively controlled if:
All food personnel practice personal hygiene, such as thorough handwashing
What is the easiest way to recognize foods contaminated with spoilage bacteria?
Changes in color and smell
Which one of the following situations would MOST LIKELY promote bacterial contamination?
Touching raw chicken and then cooked chicken without changing gloves
One of the most important reasons for using only reliable water sources is to reduce:
The number of parasites, such as Cyclospora Cayetanensis, that can infest foods
Which bacteria cause the greatest harm in the food industry?
All of the following bacteria can cause foodborne illness EXCEPT:
Acidophilus milk
Which one of the following food contaminations would be suspected if the end of a can of tomatoes had begun to swell?
Which one of the following food contaminations is usually associated with undercooked chicken?
Which one of the following food contaminations is best prevented by cooking to safe temperatures?
E. coli
Contamination of food items by other living organisms is known as:
Biological contamination
Because they are living organisms, which one of the following methods would be both effective and safe to help reduce pathogenic contaminants in food?
Perhaps the most common vehicle of contamination in the food industry is:
Hands, and so should be washed often
The contamination that results from the spread of bacteria from meat to vegetables is called:
Which one of the following contaminants is a physical contaminant?
You notice a food handler trim excess fat from a T-bone steak and then move toward a bowl of potatoes to begin peeling them with the same knife. What action should you take?
Caution the food handler that she must clean and sanitize her knife.
A coworker brings you a bag of oatmeal in which he has found black specks. What is the MOST LIKELY cause of those specks?
Pests have gotten into the bag and left waste secretions in the oatmeal.
Checking the dining areas of an eating establishment for evidence of flaking paint, broken light bulbs, and wood damage will reduce the chances of:
Physical contamination
Toxins from seafood, mushrooms, and molds present the greatest potential for:
Although all of the following methods will promote the prevention of food contamination, which one has the most continuous effect?
Educating about clean, responsible, and legal food handling
Food preservation does all of the following EXCEPT:
Promote the growth of microorganisms
Reheated food items must be heated for a minimum of 15 seconds to at least:
165° F
The preservation technique that attempts to remove moisture is:
Bacterial contamination can spread quickly because if the conditions are right, bacteria can multiply in:
10 to 20 minutes
It is important that food servers are trained to know food ingredients because:
They will need to help customers who have food allergies.
The best temperature for short-term refrigeration storage is:
Below 41° F
Which preservation technique involves heating foods to mild temperatures and then cooling them down immediately?
As a food handler you are asked to prepare a salad but have a small cut on your hand. You should:
Put a watertight bandage over the cut and wear gloves
Gabe fries chicken at Country Boy Restaurant. Gabe wears gloves as he preps the raw chicken in flour. Today during the lunch rush, his manager asks him to fill chicken orders for impatient customers. Gabe immediately begins putting cooked chicken in boxes and on plates. What are the hazards created by Gabe’s actions?
Although he is wearing gloves, Gabe has created a cross-contamination hazard by touching raw chicken and then touching cooked chicken.
When might you expect a manager to offer a gentle reminder about hand washing?
If you reach down to pet a service animal.
If all proper hand washing steps are followed, how long should the entire process take?
At least 20 seconds
Because of the risk of spreading Staphyloccocus aureus, which area of your body should you be trained to avoid touching?
Mouth and nose
Why should you stock only brightly colored bandages for first aid supplies?
So they can be more easily found should they fall into food.
Employees should wash their hands often, should handle food only when necessary, should taste food only with clean utensils, should never _______ in preparation areas.
Spit or smoke
Corrective action will be taken IMMEDIATELY if your manager sees a food handler:
Using hand sanitizer instead of washing his or her hands
The MOST important reason for having food handlers wear hair restraints is to:
Prevent food handlers from contaminating their hands by touching their hair
If an employee is properly trained, he should be able to demonstrate all of the following competencies EXCEPT:
Identify by price and quality the most desirable suppliers
Which of these food items upon receiving should be given priority in storage?
Frozen items
A shipment of frozen fish arrives at your food establishment. You see that the outside bottoms of the shipping cartons have too much ice and the fish fillets held within the cartons have brown edges. These are signs of:
Thawing and refreezing
Employees trained to receive foods properly will complete all of the following steps EXCEPT:
Labeling and dating rejected items
Your latest shipment of chicken has some items with USDA stickers and some items with USDA GRADE stamps. What is the difference in these items?
Stamps mean the chicken’s quality has been rated.
The best place to store grains to reduce the risk of cross-contamination is:
Next to canned peaches
Rotating stock so that the oldest items move first is often referred to as:
Labels should include all of the following EXCEPT:
Possible contaminants
To ensure proper protection for foods during storage, the bottom shelf should be AT LEAST:
Six inches off the floor

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