1. Car
Cordillera Administrative Region:

The part is the least populated part in the state despite its huge land country. Agriculture is a dominant sector in the part set uping itself as a top manufacturer of highland veggies and fruits. The part is the major producer/supplier of semi-temperate veggies in the state which serves as chief beginning of support for 97. 350 husbandmans.

Merchandises: Cordillera is an agricultural part. The major merchandises grown are rice. murphy. chou. boodle. Cucumis sativus. onion. tomato. banana. etc.

Manner of production:
• Vegetable Production
• Vegetable Production under Greenhouses
Selling and Trading:
• trading Centers
• Cold-Chain
• Vegetable and fruit desiccation
• Pickling and tining

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Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao

It has first-class agro-climatic conditions conducive to production of a broad scope of agricultural harvests. Dirts are so fertile that outputs of certain harvests. like manioc. white maize and java are superior to those attained elsewhere.

Merchandises: It is one of the country’s top manufacturers of fish and marine resources. peculiarly seaweed. which is used in some toothpastes. cosmetics and pigments.

DOST-ARMM identifies and encourages undertakings using new or improved engineerings for execution in the part. • Vinegar Making
• Product Packaging & A ; Development
• Coconut Food Merchandises
• Root Crop Based Processing
• Mushroom Culture & A ; Spawn Production
• Good Fabrication Practices ( GMP )
• Meat Processing Technology
• Fish Processing
• Fruit/fruit Juice Processing
• Banana Processing

3. Region Twelve

NATURAL RESOURCES AND PRODUCTS: Fishing is a major economic activity because of the rich fishing evidences of Iligan Bay. the Moro Gulf and the Celebes Sea. Its H2O resources include the Maria Cristina Falls. big and legion rivers. lakes and watercourses.

Economy: The major earners in the part are angling. agribusiness and forest- related merchandises. are Some of the of import merchandises of the part. Coconut. Ananas comosus. gum elastic. sugar cane. rice. maize. banana and other fruits are the chief agricultural merchandises.

Major Industries:
Coconut. fruit and vegetable contract turning. rice and maize Aquaculture: Milkfish ( Bangus ) . Tilapia. and Prawns

Major Merchandises
Agribusiness: Copra. rice maize. fruits and veggies. and sugar cane
Aquaculture: Prawns. Milkfish ( Bangus ) . Tilapia. mudcat ( hito ) AGRICULTURE


1. Region VIII
Eastern Visayas

Eastern Visayas encompasses the two big islands of Leyte and Samar. the state of Biliran and several minor islands. This part is the eastern boundary of the Philippines.

Land Use
Eastern Visayas is chiefly an agricultural part with rice. Manila hemp. maize. coconut. sugar cane and banana as major harvests. Its entire land country is 21. 431. 7 sq. kilometer. 52 % of its entire land country are classified as forestland and 48 % as alienable and disposable land.

The region’s sea and inland Waterss are rich beginnings of salt and fresh H2O fish and other Marine merchandises. It is one of the fish exportation parts of the state.

1. Leyte had the highest figure of farms in 2002
2. COCONUT is the dominant lasting harvest
3. PALAY is the major impermanent harvest
4. Chicken and pig raising dominates the domestic fowl and farm animal elevation activity. respectively Deductions:
• From 2002 up to 2008. there has been a uninterrupted addition in the production of palay. • However. a negative growing rate of value production in harvests ( at changeless monetary values ) . -0. 15 has been recorded by the NSCB in 2010.

Agricultural Situation as of June. 2011:
1. Crops: – Some countries in the southern portion of the part hardly recovered from the old quarters deluging ( Bebeng. Chedeng. Egay. Falcon ) – unrepaired irrigation systems 2. Livestock and Poultry: – Still trusting on supplies from other parts – Artificial insemination of cowss. pig and carabao in the south-western portion of the part 3. Fisheries: – Monetary values of piscary and marine merchandises were higher than normal due to limited supply and local importing.

2. Region VIII
Davao Region

While the region’s economic system is preponderantly agri-based. it is now developing into a centre for agro-industrial concern. trade and touristry. Its competitory advantage is in agri-industry as its merchandises. papaia. Mangifera indicas. bananas. Ananas comosuss. fresh Asparagus officinales. flowers. and fish merchandises are exported internationally.

Natural Resources
Aside from its forestland and fertile Fieldss. Southern Mindanao has mineral resources of chromite. Fe. Ni. manganese. gold. Cu and other non-metallic minerals. Five of the major angling evidences of the Philippines are located in the part.

Davao Region posted slow econ growing in 2011
The diminution was attributed to the sulky public presentations of the service. industry and agribusiness sectors. the NSCB said.

3. Region VI
Western Visayas

Western Visayas is one of the richest parts in the state in footings of natural resources. Its woods nevertheless have been denuded due to indiscriminate logging. Its Waterss abound with legion species of fish and other Marine merchandises.

Land Use
Region VI is an agricultural part with an country of around 1. 05 M hectares or 52 % of the entire land country. 35. 4 % of this is riceland. The part besides produces sugar. coconut. banana. fruits. root harvests and veggies.

The major economic activities of the part are farming. sugar. rice and maize milling. fishing. excavation and trading. Forward and backward integrating in production. processing or selling are good countries for investing. Other of import industries include farm animal and domestic fowl elevation and bungalow industries such as Calamus rotang trade. nutrient saving. ceramics and confectionery fabrication.

The state has no marked clime. It has a short prohibitionist season and is comparatively wet the remainder of the twelvemonth.

Beginning: National Statistical Coordination Board ( NSCB )
Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. evis. cyberspace. ph/subregions/subregion6. htm


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