The effectiveness of the planning: I completed the majority of my planning process and my whole design brief for that matter, systematically. I worked through each part of the brief before I moved on to the next stage because I felt each stage was directly influenced by the work done in the earlier stages. The research component I thought was an integral part of the folio as it was the foundations for all work that came after it.

The knowledge I gained searching my key functional ingredients helped me to know what they did in the product I was creating and how they would react with the ingredients around them. Another aspect that was useful was the interview with an Italian chef who gave me ideas and tips on cooking certain foods. This enabled me to be confident going into my productions as well as saving stress, time and improving the quality and sensory properties of the dish. For example, the bread making for my production of rosemary facial bread as she gave me tips on how to properly knead and shape the bread.

Generally I think my planning for the majority of the SAT was good and stayed on time. I did all the menu items out of order as I was more comfortable with the easier ones first and leave the hardest ones when I have had more experience in the kitchen. This ended up paying off as every week I was more confident going in. All my time plans were fairly accurate and very detailed which enabled me to perform to the best of my ability to result in the best products as well as my presentation concept plans which enabled me to have great looking meals.

I also submitted all food orders and had all my production plans ready on my bench at the start of each menu items to maximize productivity and results. I believe that all of my food items fit into the design brief. Upon further reflecting, if I had my time again I would have not chosen the Sicilian cheese cake. Although this recipe had lots of processes and even a preservation method in my candied fruit the cake was very difficult to perfect as it is a wet cake with a sponge that easily crumbles. In the end I plated it up and looked better than average.

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Other than that I was happy with all my other choices of recipes and I think all my food items were presented in a high quality way, similar and slightly amateur to what I would expect from a cooking magazine or taste. Com. 2. The efficiency of production activities As each of my productions were completed I attempted to create more realistic time estimates for the completion of each menu item. However most of my time plans were very accurate and only certain processes I missed accounted for but still finished in time in every menu item except for the Braised Chicken with onion and memento as there was a lot of cleaning up required.

Practicing every one of my menu items enabled me to get a rough idea of how long everything should take. Practicing in the holidays was a huge benefit to me not only working out the time to set aside for the production day, but the knowledge of all the processes and techniques in the recipes. 3. Safety and hygiene practices During my productions I managed the food preparation practices and equipment safely to the best of my ability and in line with school protocols.

Coming from a tattering family business my parent’s emphasis the point of the importance of food safety who are always teaching me how to clean and giving feedback when I am wrong. Another advantage of having this background is my dad taught me how to dice ingredients with a knife correctly which helped me a lot as it saved production time as well as looking professional. I followed the term “Clean as you go’ throughout all of my productions and ensured that I used clean, soapy hot water when washing dishes to avoid cross contamination for future productions.

Throughout my productions I maintained a high level of personal hygiene by having short hair, cleanly shaved, and wearing an apron to keep my clothes clean and to prevent substances that may be on my clothes go into my ingredients. I always used clean equipment and wore oven mitts or a dry tea towel when picking up something potentially hot. Before each Para, and every time I directly handled food I washed my hands with warm soapy water to a transferring bacteria from my hands or from anywhere via my hands onto the food I was working with.


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