this assignment I will be critiquing a Fiat
commercial that features Charlie Sean tearing through his house inside a new
Fiat during a house party. The house is filled with pretty women and party
goers who all gasp in amazement as Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen drifts by in
his new Fiat.  When he leaves the car a
house arrest band is shown around his ankle and he says “I love being under
house arrest, what do I get for good behavior?” (FiatDealer).

I think that Charlie Sheen was possibly one
of the greatest choices for a celebrity endorsement for this commercial, the
reason being is that the house party is portrayed as chaotic but fun which is
embodied by Charlie Sheen. Many of us know that Charlie Sheen has gotten a
little bit of a bad reputation over that last few years for doing some crazy
things which makes him a perfect representative for this ad. When he steps out
of the car and the first shot is of his ankle bracelet you get a little confused
but understand when he is completely unfazed because he is surrounded by pretty
women and nice cars.  At the end of the ad
the text says, “Not all bad boys are created equal” (FiatDealer), this is to
make a customer feel as if it will set them apart from the rest and feel like
more of an individual like Sheen.

commercial used humor and sex appeal as a selling point, exactly what Charlie
is known for on TV. especially in his most popular show Two and a Half Men,
where he almost always gets a girl. The target audience for this advertisement
is young to middle age men, this is because the ad uses fast cars, a male celebrity
endorsement, and an entire party with basically only women. The main selling
point of this ad is that Charlie Sheen is a bad boy who got in trouble but has been
good on good behavior, so he rewards himself by getting the new Fiat and throwing
a party. Fiats message is that if you feel that you have been doing good than
you should reward your self and go buy a new Fiat so that you can party and be
just as cool Charlie Sheen.

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think that this ad is effective because of how well it targets its audience. As
a young male I see how it was created with someone like myself in mind. Especially
because this Fiat was being advertised as the faster and slicker looking vehicle
when compared to the Fiat 500 that was endorsed by Jennifer Lopez. The Lopez campaign
did not target men as heavily for the standard car, so the ad displayed a lot
more family and friend interactions which led to a split target of men and females.
So, when comparing the two advertisements from Fiat I really do think that the
Sheen endorsed Fiat advertisement was effective at reaching and attracting its
target audience.

considering what could be improved in the ad we can look at the Jenifer Lopez
Fiat 500 advertisements and compare the two. Where I feel this ad falls a
little short is its overall appeal towards women when compared to the Lopez videos.
In the Lopez Ads there is a slight push towards a female audience, but the advertisement
will still be effective with male audiences. Where as in the Sheen video there
is little attraction for a female audience. There are easily over twice as many
females in every shot, the ending title sequence resembles and action movie,
and the main punchline of the ad “What do I get for good behavior?” is a sexual
reference to the pretty woman he embraces after exiting the Fiat. The Sheen advertisement
was created with a very narrow audience and I feel as if there should have been
just a little more value added for a female audience.

conclusion I think over all the effectiveness of this Charlie Sheen Advertisement
for the Fiat 500 Barth was successful with reaching its target audience. Although
I do feel as it lacked any value to a female viewer. All and all it used two
common advertising tactics of sex appeal and humor, both of which can be put to
good use for a male audience. Finally, as for the choice of celebrity endorser,
Charlie Sheen does a great part to fill the shoes. The message of the ad to be a
little riskier fits perfectly with Sheens well known personality.


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