Review and Critical Thinking Review Questions 1. Forensic science is the application of science to the criminal justice system. 2. A forensic scientist is to collect and analyze the evidence found at a crime scene, and trains other law enforcement individuals in how to record and collect evidence. 3. There are several different criteria that are used to determine if someone is able to serve as an expert witness.

Courts typically take into consideration a person’s education degrees, the number of years of experience that the person has in the field, any professional organizations that the person is a member of, and any books or other publications that the person has authorized. 4. Two ways a forensic pathologist might use to determine the time and death is liver and algor mortis’. 5. Forensic anthropologists are scientists that specialize in the identification and examination of skeletal remains.

They may also be called on to help identify the victims of disasters like fires, explosions, and plane crashes, where the body(s) may be burned or mutilated in some way. Critical Thinking Questions 1. It is important because, if you don’t have the right evidence and facts, you can’t find the criminal that did the crime. You might have evidence but the evidence could be false and you might take an innocent man and put him through trial for something he didn’t even do. So it is important to use the proper methods when you are collecting evidence. 2.

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Because it helps the criminal justice system when it comes to solving cases. You can’t just have a two person point of view. You need evidence. So forensics helps the criminal justice system to see whose lying and who’s telling the truth. 3. I think the most challenging part of a forensic scientist responsibilities would have to be an expert witness. I have a hard time listening, finding and explaining things. So I think that would be a pretty hard job to do. 4. I think the most interesting part of forensic scientist responsibilities is whenever they have to collect and analyze the evidence that they found.

Just the thought of finding the evidence then going to a lab and analyzing it sounds amazing and fun. You are helping out in solving a crime. You might be the person who figures out the crime and bring the criminal to justice. So I think that part of their responsibilities is the most fun and interesting. 5. I would love to work in forensic pathology. The thought of you finding out how, when and why the person died is just very fascinating to me. I’m hoping one day to become a forensic pathologist.


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