They gave him religious faith. That faith gave him courage when he needed it. Franklin admired Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. He was moved on becoming an “average citizen”, and knowing the Importance of a strong federal government. Franklin may have cared for those who were less fortunate than himself, because of a great influence in his life. That influence, was a man he admired more than anyone else. It was his cousin, Theodore. Franklin needed courage many times in his life. First, when he went away to Groton. Groton was a school that he attended which was indeed very strict.

Franklin as handsome, charming, and friendly, but he never got along with people his age. At Groton, he TLD get picked for awards or teams that he really wanted. But he had been taught not to complain. It made him pleasant to be around, but It also made It uneasy for some of his friends. They never knew how he really felt. Franklin then attended Harvard university and Columbia Law School. He graduated and became democratic. He also decided to serve the country. First he became state senator. But what he really wanted was to become president. Then, tragedy struck.

He woke up one morning, and couldn’t move. He was thirty- nine and had a terrible disease called polio. Slowly, with painful therapy and concentration, he regained the use of this upper body. He was a cheerful man, and an optimist. Where others saw problems, he saw challenges. He gained something from his illness. It taught him patience and made him more determined. He learned to understand who had troubles. “In 1932, Roosevelt won the Democratic nomination for president. In his acceptance speech, he pledged a ‘new deal’ for the American people. ” The Democrats won control of both houses of Congress.

When Roosevelt kook office, the American people faced terrible economic troubles. Roosevelt had to do something: he sent many programs to U. S Congress. These programs were known as the New Deal. They provided help for those who were affected by the depression. The New Deal ideas were not really new. “They were old Progressive ideas in a new package. ” Still, the New Deal changed America profoundly. Franklin D Roosevelt served longer in office than any other president. Roosevelt Deal made the government an active participant in citizens’ lives. If it weren’t for Roosevelt, America would not have come to what’s happening today.

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