The Templar Knights, and the Freemasons are two well-known organizations. No matter whom you ask everyone knows something about both of these organizations. The more information that surfaces about these two organizations the more similarities between the two organizations begin to surface, and to some these similarities show that these two organizations are the same one the groups just have a different name. That of course has never been proven. The information that will be presented will compare the similarities between the two organizations.

Neither the Freemasons nor the Templar Knights started out as a military force however one became just that. The Freemasons purpose is to make good men better. The Templar Knights purpose was to provide safe passage for pilgrimages to the holy city of Jerusalem. Both the Freemasons and the Templar Knights are ancient secretive societies, shrouded in mystery, and although they were separated by centuries both are very similar. The Templar Knights, and the Freemasons are separated by 170 to 313 years. The Templar Knights were disbanded in 1312 A.

D. This suggests the end of the Templars knights. It is not fully known when the Freemasons formed however based on W. Bro. Jack Buta MPS (a 32nd degree Scottish rite Mason) the free masons were formed “sometime between the death of Robert Cochrane in 1482 and the death of the Stuart King James I in 1625. There is also information that suggests the order may even be older than the Templar knights. ” There are some documents that suggest that the founding fathers of the Freemasons were the builders of King Solomon’s Temple in 967 B. C.

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In truth it is not truly known when the Freemasons were formed. Both the Freemasons and the Templar Knights are extremely secretive societies. Even with all of our technology and all the time that has passed all of the information regarding these two organizations has yet to be uncovered or has been lost with time. The Freemasons always have been secretive there is even secret words a phrases to enter the higher degrees of the masons. There is no information on what is discussed or even what goes on in the meetings that they hold at the lodges especially for the higher degrees.

The Templar Knights were the same way and even to this day it is difficult to find anything but myths about either organization. There is a-lot more information on the Templar Knights than there is on the Freemasons. This is mainly because the Templar Knights were disbanded and, most of their secrets revealed and, the Freemasons are still a working organization. This tactic helped them to draw in new members. So that their ways could survive and their cause would never be forgotten and protected and as history would have it they never will be.

Shrouded in mysteries always has been the result of a secretive organization. Legends, myths, and conspiracies almost always follow secretive organizations and the Freemasons and Templar Knights are no different. The Freemasons have no shortage on any of these things. Even the date that they were founded is a mystery. “Some of the greatest names of the American Revolution were Masons: Ethan Alien, Edmund Burke, John Claypoole, William Daws, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, John Paul Jones, Robert Livingston, Paul Revere, Colonel Benjamin Tupper, and George Washington.

Of the 56 signers of The Declaration of Independence, eight were known Masons and seven others exhibited strong evidence of Masonic membership. Of the forty signers of the Constitution, nine were known Masons, 13 exhibited evidence of Masonic membership, and six more later became Masons”. This has given the conspiracy that the Freemasons created America. Everyone knows of the legends that surround the Templar knights from their legendary battles that they won to their legendary downfall. They were even said to be the protectors of the Holy Grail.

However there is a legend that says Templar Knights fled to Scotland during the disbanding of 1312. “Fleeing knights from France and elsewhere sought sanctuary. Scotland, its king excommunicated by the Pope and in need of trained soldiers, became the obvious refuge. Tradition states that Bruce himself was a Templar Knight. Thus the Templar’s switch of allegiance to the Scots side against the English, and their reputed presence at Bannockburn they defeated Edward II and seized the Templar property in England in the following year”.

These are just a few of the mysteries that surround these two organizations. There is evidence that Scotland played a big part in both the Freemason’s and the Templar Knight’s histories. Templar Knights that were fleeing from France and elsewhere sought sanctuary in Scotland during 1312 AD. However this was not the first time that the Templar Knights had been to Scotland. There was even a Scottish branch of the Templar Knights and, it is said that the king of Scotland was even a Templar himself. Rosslyn chapel is the one place that both of these groups are tied to in Scotland.

Both Masonic and Templar symbols have been found in this chapel. Some of these symbols are still used today by the Freemasons who are known to use Templar symbols as well as others for example the eight point cross which was given to the Templar Knights by the Pope. The information that was found on the founding of the Freemasons leads Freemason scholars to believe that Scotland is where the group began just as W. Bro. Jack Buta MPS. States in is account of Freemasonry history. “There is however a significant list of firsts in Freemasonry that point the way.

The Schaw Statutes themselves show the earliest attempts to organizing lodges at a national level. It is in Scotland that we find the first non-operative (not actual stonemasons) joining the lodges. Even the Mason Word was a Scottish institution”. After reading all of the information that could be found on the Freemasons and the Templar Knights it is easy to see how similar both of these groups are to each other. They both have roots in Scotland, they both had influential people in their ranks, they are both shrouded in mysteries and they both use similar symbols.

There is still a substantial amount of information that can be found and just as many just as many questions that need to be answered regarding the Freemasons and the Templar Knights. However the similarities that the Freemasons and the Templar Knights share are easy to see. Are these two organizations really the same with a different name? Either way you look at it both the Freemasons and the Templar Knights are ancient secretive societies, shrouded in mystery, and although they may be separated by centuries both are very similar.


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