Free the Children Nowadays, the World is facing many problems; war, hunger, terrorism, pollution and many others. Surprisingly, these problems all originate from the same source; Ignorance. Eager to change this situation, many associations such as ‘Free the Children’ decided to build and promote education In third-world countries such as India, In order to eradicate illiteracy and the lack of knowledge. Free The Children’s’ documentary is covering child labor, an act that Is considered as a violation of Human Rights and a source of crisis, as well as poverty and corruption of the government In India. The purpose of this video Is to show the audience which problems cause the lack of education In many poor countries and to explain how building schools can enhance the situation on a national scale. To support his claim, the producer of the video films the students and their parents sharing their opinions about this Annihilative.

Regarding the effectiveness of the documentary, It achieves Its purpose accurately. It is coherent concerning the emotional/pathos aspect however: it lacks consistency towards the logos side. Building schools and helping the children are bold and onerous movements that need courage and motivation, indeed, that is what the FTC is doing during all the video; the purpose is worthwhile to begin with. By watching the documentary, the audience feels pain when children are working in industries and happiness when they go to school.

However, apart from feelings, there is no logical structure concerning the future in what ‘Free the Children’ association is doing. Indeed, they are helping a lot the poor villages in India, but they are not ensuring the future of these students since there is no platform or project in which they can exploit their skills later on. Unfortunately, there is a big controversy on this topic that is not well estimated.

Since the logos problem is not solved, it is not fully useful to educate these children because they can feel frustrated if they are not given the opportunity to use their capacities after finishing the education program offered by the school. Emotionally, there is no doubt that the documentary reaches our hearts. The visuals used are really effective, by using shocking images, the audience feels responsible and guilty of what’s happening.

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In addition to that, the statistics attract the attention of the video’s viewers since the documentary begins erectly with a statistic that can be considered as a hook. The progress of the video is also effective. At the beginning of the documentary, It Is shown how children are punished physically and mentally by the taskmaster and how they are living In a miserable and unjust situation but, In the following minutes there Is a switch of context; by building the school, kids are happier and there are much less problems.

Also, the community’s response plays an Important role In the pathos aspect since the audience can see how promoting education and new Jobs In a place enhances he situation for not only the kids but, also for the parents. For example, by building the solar dryer, they implement alternative income projects that help the citizens to maintain a good quality of life. Evidently, some bad aspects must exist. Regarding the logos, the FTC association doesn’t look aware of the impact it will have on the economy later on.

Education has a price and can’t be monopolized by a certain area. There will not be enough funds to cover all the expenses. In addition to that, there are no later plans for the students, once high school education is done, not all of them ill have the resources to access university and will be stuck working in a low position compared to what they have been expecting. In my opinion, what Free the Children is doing should be an example to follow for us all.

Charity actions must be done in our daily life in order to help people who have less. Unfortunately, we live in a society in which many people are selfish; this is why I admire associations such as Free the Children for their boldness and their desire to share what they have. Watching this video motivated me to be more active in Community Services and help the people who didn’t have the luck to get a good education.


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