Freedom of choice Aloha’s opinion In “A Smoker’s Right” Is that to do something bad for us such as smoking Is our own choice and we should have the freedom to do those harmful or bad things if we so choose since it it our body and our lives. I agree with Loss to an extent, It Is not freedom If we don’t have a choice. Her use of suicide does throw my support of her opinion off a little because I do not feel as if suicide is morally okay.

I believe that yes we should be able to make our own choices but that we should also eave to pay the consequences, We should also not be able to harm others legally. To better explain my point ill use smoking as an example. First Smoking harms your body; But you should have the choice to choose smoke if you want because its your body. Smoking also harms other people’s bodies so you should not be able to do it in public where it may harm someone who does not wish to suffer Its side effects as is there right.

My second example is a crime, be it you steal, murder or Jaywalk you re either taking, damaging or putting in danger someone life or possessions. That is why crimes you are murdering yourself so technically it is your own body thus should be your choice. You can ask does suicide hurt or endanger anyone else, well yes most likely it will emotionally hurt family friends and loved ones, But it does not physically hurt them. Granted it hypothetically could cause a family member to go into depression and harm themselves, But wouldn’t that be there choice.

As you can e it can be hard to draw a line especially in the case of assisted suicide. In assisted suicide one or more people help another commit suicide. Does that count as murder or does it not count because it is the choice of the person who wants to commit suicide to let others harm his body for him? I believe suicide is wrong and a person should find help and get threw there problems but I also don’t believe it is my right to tell the they can’t commit suicide because they have the freedom to do so if they want.

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