France Religion Definitions: France is a country where freedoms of thought and of religion are preserved, in virtue of the 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizens. France is also a country where freedom of thought and also that of religion are preserved. This allows people to express themselves the way they want. France’s main religion is Roman Catholic. Other religions in France are Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim.

Improve answer noun Paris you will find some of the most renowned Catholic churches, such as Notre Dame (Our Lady). In nearly every village, regardless of size, here will be at least one church or chapel. In fact. A few months ago I was staying In a French village made up of only a dozen buildings, one of which was a church. But that does not mean that France Is still held firmly by Its Catholic roots. Since 1905 France has been a secular state.

According to the last census, 62 percent of the populations are Catholics, 26 percent are without religion, 6 percent are Muslim, 2 percent are Protestant, and 1 percent Is Jewish. Many of the people who call themselves Catholics are baptized, but no longer practicing. Many of the churches scattered In the countryside are no longer used. Some churches celebrate mass only sporadically, as there just arena enough priests to go around. In fact, French President Nicholas Karakas was brought up as a Catholic, has been divorced twice, and no longer practices the religion.

However, when the Pope visited France to celebrate the 1 50th anniversary of the apparitions of Lourdes, Karakas said that Frances roots were “essentially Christian” and that It would be a crime against French culture not to recognize that. The Pope’s declared mission was to reinvigorate France’s Catholic roots. When traveling to France, especially when visiting major ties, you’ll be sure to see at least one mosque. Many of the immigrants coming Into France are from North Africa or the Middle East, and hence share an Islamic religious background.

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