Flight Before I was pretty, I was Just like any other cloth a human could get from a fabric store. I was a white pure, pristine, boring and plain piece of cloth. I longed to be beautiful, to catch everyone’s eye. I dreamt in hopes that I would someday be used and made into something beautiful. I sat in a dull dark cupboard with some of my other friends. They are all dejected by the fact that we are all Just boring white cloths. None of them listened to me when I tried to convince them that one day, we may become something gorgeous. What sets me apart from them is that I am sure that my dream of becoming pretty will take flight…

Finally, that day came. My savior picked me up from that dull, ugly cupboard and brought me home. As what I wished for, he promised to turn me into one of the most fashionable dress any human eyes have ever seen. I was flying in the midst of Joy. My dream has final taken flight! My savior opened me up as I stretched, feeling relaxed and ecstatic. Then he began my ‘dress surgery. Snip! Cut! Sew! No matter how much pain I had to go through, I have faith in my savior that he would make me pretty. After a long massive ‘operation’, my savior was finally done. He held me up against a mirror.

I looked and see someone else. A dress with an elegant shade of blue with little diamonds lined up along my waist that sparkled even under the faintest light was reflected before me. I was speechless. My savior had turned me into a beautiful A-lined corset dress. That is me! The surgery was definitely worth it! I looked even better than what I have dreamt of. I was soaring as I admired myself, dreaming that I would someday be worn by a lovely lady. Satisfied, my savior placed me down gently in a pretty blue box and closed it. I felt the box that I was in being moved. Where am I going? Why did my savior send me away?

Why am I not being displayed in a shop for everyone to see? Many unanswered questions filled my helpless mind. I was afraid of being kept away from the world again. I wanted to be shown off! I felt upset that my savior did not want me. My dream of being worn was crushed… Many weeks later, I felt murmuring coming from outside the box. I grew excited as I felt someone carrying me. Who is it? Open the box! Just before I could wonder any further, the box I was in was being opened. I felt a sense of freedom and pride as I was being revealed. I looked up and saw this awfully beautiful lady. I was awed by her well defined features.

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The lady held me up and exclaimed, “this dress is beautiful, thank you Uncle James! ” With that I saw my maker standing next to the lady. Pride filled me as she ran to her room and pulled me up against her. The lady had a dreamy look on her face. I watched curiously as the lady put me on. I was worn for the very first time! Once she was done, she admired herself in the mirror. My owner, now the young lady, had pale frost skin with a pair of smiling crystal blue eyes and long flowing Jet black hair which complimented me even more. I looked stunning on her. It was as though I was made just for her.

My owner then made her way to the main room of her house. Many people were there. They all gasped at the sight of us. Muff look amazing! ” a man commenced near. “This dress certainly suits you! ” a lady complimented. “Now you are really the star of the night. Happy birthday to you! ” my maker said, bursting with Joy. Many people started to sing praises to my owner and of course to me too. I was on cloud nine. Since that day, my owner had worn me to many exotic places. I felt pride as I show myself to the world. Thanks to my savior and maker’s delicate and skilful hand and also my beautiful owner, my dream has finally taken flight.


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