The Republicans Split
The Republicans were disappointed in Taft. the predecessor of Roosevelt. The conservative and progressive sides of the Republican Party split. Taft could non maintain up with Theodore Roosevelt’s policies. The election of 1912 was traveling to be a really exciting election with Taft. Roosevelt. and Wilson running. Peoples were inquiring about the development of societal and economic effects on countryside industrial growing.

The Spirit of Progressivism
Progressivism changed all of America. New types of art came approximately. Progressives wanted to modulate large concern non to harm it. Many were besides a combination of evangelical Protestantism and natural/social scientific disciplines. Kind of came from populism. Reasons for progressivism varied.

The Rise of the Professions
Many contributed by organisational urges. Such as National Child Labor commission. Law. medical specialty. faith. concern. instruction. and societal work all began to shoot as professions. New in-between category that didn’t come from heritage. Created profession societies. American Medical Association ( AMA ) physicians felt that they needed to hold a minimal instruction policy for pattern demands. 2/3 of all physicians joined this group. Lawyers- Bar association. examining boards. and restricted entry. Teachers- National Education Association. etc.

The Social-Justice Movement
Social Justice Movement focused on the demand for tenement house Torahs. kid labour statute law. and better working conditions for adult females. Wanted societal justness. Charity Organization Society of New York pulled in information from one topographic point demoing how bad it was. and that slums were starting up. Books were written like The Standard of Living Among Working Men’s Families in New York City about the rough conditions.

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The Purity Crusade
Peoples began to detect the grade intoxicant had on worker. as they would “drink away their wages” . Caused force. Women’s Christian Temperance Union ( WCTU ) continued to turn. 18th amendment was eventually passed prohibiting industry. sale. transit. or in taking of intoxicant.

Women’s Suffrage. Women’s Rights
Womans played a major function in societal justness motion. Pushed for better rewards and better working conditions. African American Women formed their ain organisation. Carrie Chapman Catt became president of the Nation American Women’s Suffrage Association. Supported clean authorities and moderation. 19th amendment stated you couldn’t deny person the right to vote because of sex. National Child Labor Committee. 28 provinces had Torahs modulating kid labour. Woodrow Wilson backed to restrict Child Labor with the Keating-Owen Act. Hammer v. Dagenhart overturned it as an improper ordinance of local labour. Congress tried once more. Bailey v. Drexel Furniture Company once more they failed.

A Ferment of Ideas: Challenging the Status Quo
Pragmatism. a new philosophy. Pragmatism is a philosophical tradition centered on the linking of pattern and theory. It describes a procedure where theory is extracted from pattern. and applied back to pattern to organize what is called intelligent pattern. Brandies Brief in the instance of Muller v. Oregon Supreme Court established protections for working adult females. it limited a 10 hr work twenty-four hours. Brandies Brief was based mostly on sociological informations instead than legal grounds. Expanding legal grounds. Socialism grew dramatically before World War 1. Even Social Democrat Party.

Reform in the Cities and States
Progressive reformists needed authorities to be more complete. Use of Federal power increased.
Interest Groups and the Decline of Popular Politicss
Voters polls were less and less. South drastically fell.
Reform in the Cities
Government has fundamentally ran itself for the past old ages. Reformers. National Municipal League was organized. Had debates over reform over civic reform. alterations in the revenue enhancement Torahs. and municipal ownership of public utilities. Tried to do it really organized with direct elections for people. Had applied scientists to command H2O and other public-service corporations. Cities exploded in size. Had metropolis city managers. Public ownership of public-service corporations.

Action in the States

Reformers worked to beef up Torahs on adult females and child labour. to make and repair committees on railwaies. to enforce corporate and heritage revenue enhancements. to better mental establishments. and to give more financess to province universities. Compensation Torahs were passed. foremost in Maryland. They had insurance for people in mill accidents. Liability Torahs. Initiative. allowed electors to suggest new Torahs. and referendum. allowed them to accept or reject a jurisprudence at the ballot box and the callback which gave them a direct manner to take an elected functionary from office. were adopted by many provinces. Finally 17th amendment which gave direct election of senators. Robert M. La Follette- most celebrated reformist governor. Republican. Yes duty. Created industrial committee. 1st to pattern worker safety and healthful conditions. Lowered railway rates but raised their revenue enhancements. 1st to set up a province income revenue enhancement. ( All in Wisconsin )

The Republican Roosevelt
Very ebullient. Persuasive. Believed against presidential isolation. Even invited Booker T. Washington to dinner at the White House.
Breaking the Trusts

He didn’t travel against large concern every bit much as he believed they should be controlled. Needed to separate between “good” and “bad” trusts. Created Department of Commerce and Labor. with aid from J. D. Rockefeller. Used Antitrust act to sort of do them scared of him.

“Square Deal” in the Cornfields
A coal company’s workers went on work stoppage for months and coal was lifting in monetary value. with no shortly coming solution. Roosevelt ordered ground forces to prehend the mines. The mine companies eventually made a declaration before they got at that place.

Roosevelt Progressivism at its Height
Roosevelt promised non to run a 3rd clip. After winning his 2nd by a landslide.
Regulating the Railroads
He laid out a reform plan including railway ordinances. employer’s liability for federal employees. more authorities commanding large concern. and modulating child labour. Hepburn Act. a jurisprudence that strengthened rate-making power of the Interstate Commerce Commission. contemplation on commanding the railway rates.

Cleaning Up Food and Drugs
Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle caused a batch of contention. Peoples were alarmed. The Meat Inspection Act of 1906. set regulations for healthful meat packing and authorities review of meat merchandises. Pure Food and Drug Act. articles had been shown that patent medical specialties were largely alcohol. necessitating that makers to name certain ingredients on the label.

Converting the Land
Conservation was an achievement for Roosevelt. He felt we should hold wise usage of natural resources. Making the Reclamation Service assisting the Department of Agriculture. Roosevelt was ready to turn the White House over to Taft.

The Ordeal of William Howard Taft
The progressive Republicans nominative Taft as president but the conservative had James S. Sherman for frailty president. Taft felt like he didn’t belong. He didn’t like political relations. He was fat and lazy. Taft distrusted alteration. Conservative? He faced some troublesome jobs.

Party Insurgency
Taft tried to control the talker of the house. Cannon. which looked like a successful but turned out merely the opposite. Cannon eventually helped him acquire duty cuts. Republicans divided over duty. They revised a measure called the Payne-Aldrich Act.

The Ballinger-Pinchot Affairs
Roosevelt disappointed in Taft. Taft’s secretary of the inside. Ballinger. removed one million estates of land that Pinchot. caput Forester. had withdrawn from sale. Taft sided with Ballinger who was traveling to sell it for its coal. Taft finally fired Pinchot.

Taft Alienates the Progressives
Taft besides wanted to modulate railway rates. Mann-Elkins Act of 1910. made everyone happy. Give ICC more power. stiffened haul ordinances. and placed telephone and telegraph companies under ICC. Progressives were really happy. Pleased conservativists. Taft tried to do antiprogressive organisations. Failed. Taft was invariably actioning some large concern.

Differing Doctrines in the Election of 1912
The Progressive Party sort of formed out of the progressive Republicans because they were merely that much against Taft. Besides called the Bull Moose Party. Wanted Roosevelt president. New Nationalism. it demanded a national attack to the country’s matter and a strong president to cover with them. It included adult females in their program. Wilson. had New Freedom. which emphasized large concern and little authorities. Not planned but free economic system. Wilson won.

Woodrow Wilson’s New Freedom
Good in history. A moralist. He had a really speedy rise from president of a college. to province governor. to president.
The New Freedom in Action

Immediately he wanted to take down the duty. The Underwood Tariff Act was passes heavy rates about 15 per centum and removed responsibilities on sugar. wool. and several other consumer goods. As levied modest gradual income. Authorized by 16th amendment. Federal Reserve Act. the most of import domestic jurisprudence of his clip. meant to do a flexible yet stable currency to set up the 1st efficient bank since Jackson killed them all. Blended private and public banking. Clayton Antitrust Act it attempted to better the Sherman Antitrust Act outlawed unjust trade patterns. prohibit policies that created monopolies. and made corporate officers responsible for misdemeanors.

Wilson Moves Towards the New Nationalism
A recession had struck. Wilson merely sort of stopped making his occupation. no child labour measures. no adult females right to vote. no minimal pay for adult females. and no long term recognition for husbandmans. Defeated African Americans every bit good. Talked about segregation. as if it was a good thing. Then. he changed and started reforming? Federal farm Loan Act created Federal Farm Loan Board to give husbandmans recognition similar to the Federal Reserve’s benefits for trade and industry. Sough balance between concern and labour. Again 8 hr working daies for railway workers. Overtime wage? Adamson Act. imposed 8 hr work twenty-four hours. Strikes violent reserves killed 21 individuals Wilson broke it up. Keating- Owen Act. first federal kid labour jurisprudence prohibited transporting through interstate commercialism merchandises made by childs under 14. Rejected. Wilson won 1916 election.


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