1. Explain process to the patient and guarantee patient privateness 2. Position the patient for easy entree to the catheter whilst keeping patient comfort 3. Ensure that the patient has a tripartite urinary catheter. If non. a tripartite catheter demands to be inserted 4. Hang irrigation flasks on IV pole and premier irrigation set keeping antisepsis of irrigation set. Note: Merely one of the irrigation flask clinchs should be unfastened when priming the irrigation set otherwise the fluid can run from one flask to another. After priming the irrigation set guarantee that all clinchs on the irrigation set are closed. 5. Don goggles and imperviable gown. topographic point underpad underneath
catheter connexion 6. Attend manus wash and Don non unfertile baseball mitts

7. Swab IDC irrigation and catheter ports with chlorhexidine swabs and let drying 8. Remove the tap from the irrigation lms of the catheter utilizing unfertile gauze and discard tap
9. Connect the irrigation set to the irrigation lms of the catheter. keeping clean process 10. Remove spigot or old drainage bag from the catheter lms utilizing unfertile gauze and use catheter drainage bag keeping clean process. Note: Do non get down Bladder Irrigation until urine is run outing freely 11. Unclamp the irrigation flask that was used to prime the irrigation set and set the rate of disposal by seting the roller clinch Note: The purpose of the vesica irrigation is to maintain the urine rose’ coloured and free from coagulums.

Diagram/ Illustrations:
Nursing Duties:
? Saline flasks for vesica irrigation do non necessitate to be ordered by a Medical Officer ? Continue irrigation as necessary depending on the grade of haematuria ( guarantee equal supply of irrigant nearby ) ? After each flask is complete. empty urine drainage bag and record piss end product on the fluid balance chart. anterior to beginning of the following irrigation flask ? Regular catheter attention is required in order to understate the hazard of catheter related urinary piece of land infection ? Catheter attention provided should be documented in the advancement notes and nursing attention program including patient comfort. urine colour/degree of haematuria and urine end product. Besides presence of coagulums if any and if manual vesica washout was necessary.

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