Furthermore, support is a
significant predictor of successful team innovation. Implementing a new idea is
risky. It might be a failure. Organizations need to be willing to be flexible,
support members and tolerant for teams to feel comfortable investing in truly
revolutionary ideas instead of marginal changes. This means encouraging risk
and expecting failures. Thus, employees do not have to be afraid
that if their idea is not effective they will be fired.


Cohesion is strong predictor of
group behavior (Goodman et al., 1987; Barnard et al., 1993; Bettenhusem, 1991;
Festinger, 1950; Harrison, 1993; Lott and Lott, 1965) and denotes a state of
social relationship among a team. So, cohesion represents
commitment to the team and they trust each other.  There are three types of
cohesion: interpersonal cohesion, task cohesion, and group pride. Interpersonal
cohesion is how much teams members like other people in the team, and task
cohesion is how committed team members are to work tasks or goals. 


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