Based on the analysis of Vinod Kothari ( 1998 ) . leasing was a possible blessing for little and moderate-sized concerns in Thailand. In his web site. an article published on Bangkok Post in 1998 and the Research Department of Bangkok Bank provided bright. positive hereafter for local leasing concern due to curtailment of recognition by commercial Bankss and other fiscal establishments as a consequence of fiscal crisis. Kothari ( 1998 ) further stated that the per centum portion of recognition extended by renting companies had escalated more quickly than the 1s granted by other fiscal establishments. Percentage portion of renting soared from 0. 2 per centum in 1988 to 1. 18 per centum in 1995 – a quintuple addition in recognition extension relation to that of Small Industry Finance Corporation.

Between 1988 and 1995. leasing volume elevated by an norm of 62. 7 per centum yearly. compared with the mean one-year addition of 25. 6 per centum in recognition extended by four fiscal establishments during the same period. Furthermore. the Bank of Thailand ( “Commercial bank credits. ” 2012 ) statistics illustrated that there was a important addition in fiscal leasing from 364. 625 million tical in the 2nd one-fourth of 2011 to 474. 047 million in the 3rd one-fourth of 2012. about 30 percent addition over a twelvemonth. During the same period. nevertheless. vehicle and equipment renting grew from 16 billion ticals to about 23 billion. while plus leasing soared from 98 billion ticals to 131 billion. Therefore. it is moderately conclusive to presume that there is a positive. turning tendency of renting in Thailand as portrayed by 1998–1995 and Quarter2 2011–Quarter3 2012 statistics due mostly to the recovery of Thai and Asiatic economic systems.

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Renting is worthy of attending as Harvey Lieberman and James Smith ( 1976 ) stated: “A more of import advantage to leasing is the preservation of working capital. Neither a hard currency spending for straight-out purchase of an plus nor a down-payment is required. Most rentals require merely a little sedimentation of the first and last months’ payments in hard currency. ” Therefore. it permits lower recognition evaluation concerns. peculiarly little and moderate-sized endeavors ( SMEs ) . to get necessary machinery and equipment. However. fiscal costs for renting are considered rather high. legion hazards involved are present. and figure of failings still surface in Thailand.

Lack of clear. comprehensive ordinances sing indirect security. for case. allows SMEs to seek out renting services that might otherwise be available to larger. better-collateralized entities. Besides. local leasing companies are capable to default hazards when leaseholders fail to pay leases on clip. It is hence recommended that authorities bureaus. viz. Ministry of Commerce. who oversees leasing ; Ministry of Finance. who is entitle to authorise revenue enhancement inducements ; and Ministry of Industry. who provides aid to SMEs. to join forces in proclaiming merely and clear leasing ordinances every bit good as revenue enhancement stimulations to heighten efficiency and economic enlargement. Meanwhile. it is imperative that renting companies form associations with fiscal establishments. manufacturers. and other houses who are experts in renting assets.

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