Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussain was the second president of Egypt from 1956 until he died. “Gamal Abdel Nasser was born in 1918 and died in 1970”. “Nasser was born in Bakos, Alexandria he had six brothers and one sister” . At an early age Nasser was involved in politics. Gamal was one of the people who led the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 with the first president Mohammed Naguib. Gamal is seen as one of the most important political figure in the 20th century.

Nasser played an important role in the Egyptian politics during the period he was the president in it. Egypt went through different stages when it was under Gamal leadership. Nasser took many important decisions a lot of people agreed with him and a lot disagreed with him. He was the one who own the political ideology which is called Nasserism. Also nationalizing the Suez Canal, building the high dam and the war decision were the important steps that Nasser took it while he was a president.

The political ideology that was sent out in this period was the Nasserism. It’s based on the ideas of Gamal Abdul Nasser. One of the most important ideas of the Nasserism is to achieve Arab unity and the rejection of dependency, achieving full independence and comprehensive development and linking the national independence with the Arab independence. He saw that any Arabian country under foreign occupation threatens the freedom of other Arab nations.

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So he went through achieving an Arab unite as the one happened between Egypt and Syria. This ideology also went through many other countries. From the principles of Nasserism Freedom, socialism and unity, to eliminate the problems of the Arab world, Socialist basis of economic progress.. It is the basis for building a society sufficiently and Justice. Also Nasserism called for distributing the national wealth to achieve social change. Some people agreed with this ideology and some other disagreed.

People who agreed with this ideology saw that it is Human thought Based on nationalism and unity and it’s not related to the religion as Religion is man’s relationship with God, and himself and they saw that everyone in Egypt will be equal and no one will be poor but, in the other hand the people who disagreed with this ideology where The upper class of society who saw that this ideology will make them lose a lot of their wealth because they will have to share it . so they tried to fight this ideology and to fight Gamal Abdul Nasser .

In my opinion Nasserism was not that bad as a lot of people see it because it was trying to help a class who were neglected and no one was trying to help them also in this period Egypt became divided to two parts. The first part were the rich people who have everything and the second part were the poor people who even don’t have what to make them eat for one day and the middle class disappeared at this moment but, one of the negative points that Nasserism didn’t have some of the Islamic aspects and it was nearly fighting some of the Islamic aspects.

One of the most important decisions that Gamal Abdul Nasser took it was nationalizing the Suez Canal. The nationalization of the canal took the world by surprise especially England and France who owned the Suez Canal Company. Suez Canal was build between 1859 and 1969. It’s build by hundreds of thousands of Egyptians. Suez Canal is build to link between the Red sea and Mediterranean Sea. It was under the authority of England and France.

On the 26th of July 1956 it was the celebration of the revolution for the fourth year. Gamal Abdul Nasser went to Alexandria to say his famous speech and it was a surprise to announce that the Suez Canal will be an Egyptian company. At this moment he said. “On behalf of the nation … On behalf of the nation … rule (1): Nationalize the global Suez Canal Company as an SAE company and all its money will be returned back to Egypt “Nasser1956.

This was a very brave decision and no one expected it as it was seen as fighting two of the most powerful countries in this century. Gamal Abdul Nasser said that he will pay all the money that England and France will lose as a result of his decision but, this didn’t convince England or France and it was taken as it’s steeling something belongs to them so they started to arrange for the war and Israel joined them and they decided to hit Egypt.

Egypt lost a lot of money and a lot of its army and it was seen that Egypt wasn’t ready for this war and Sinai was taken by Israel and at this moment Nasser decided to retire and to be one of the citizens and participate with them as one of them not as a president but, this decision was unacceptable and the people asked him to stay in his position. Nasser started to build his army again to get back what was taken from EGYPT at this moment he said “What was taken by force, can only be restored by force. “Nasser.

A lot of people agreed with Nasser as Suez canal had to be back to Egypt whatever it costs and they welcomed this decision and in the other side they disagreed with this decision because they saw in this decision an indirect announcing to war against the most two powerful countries and Egypt is not ready to go through a war because she doesn’t have the facilities that will help her. In my opinion that this decision was a very brave decision as this was our rights and this is our money. At last Gamal Abdul Nasser was a brave president.

He tried to make Egypt better. When Egypt was under his leadership he did a lot of changes. The high dam was build and this was one of the biggest achievements. He tried to make a unit between the Arab countries. He wanted the Arab countries to depend on themselves not on other countries. He was the Arab leader even if he had mistakes but he still was a brave man maybe he was a little bit fast in his decisions but he wanted Egypt to be a strong country. From the famous quotes he said “He, who can not support himself, can not take his own decision. ”


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