Quote essay per 5-6 can’t win unless you know how to You can’t be a sore winner because you need to know how the other team feels. Every time you brag you make the other team sad. The coach might get angry at you and make you sit out for bullying. If you know than you’ll understand that the other team is sad when you lose a game you don’t Like hearing people brag.

The quote Involves my family because when one of my family members loses at meeting Important we comfort them. Feeling down Is never fun and It’s never rewarding. When you win it’s never nice to talk about the other team being horrible and stinking at playing. All of the other team will be sad and maybe even quit playing. Also it’s never fun to be an outcast. This quote involves the world because people in the world don’t talk behind the other teams back in a football game.

They don’t make fun of the other team If they SSE. Also If you lose you don’t call the other team cheaters. They will know you as the team that doesn’t play fair. Maybe even the team that can’t handle and lose or a win. So if you win or lose don’t Judge the other team. What did they do to you? Also if the other team is talking about stinking don’t Join in and start a fight. It’s never a good Idea. So next time you lose or win don’t talk about the other team.


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