I find a few things incorrect with Garrett Hardin’s article “Lifeboat Ethical motives: The Case against Helping the Poor. ” The dominant statement I have against his article is that it is wholly one sided. Hardin fails to flush glimpse at the people. who do non fall under his thoughts of what our society. state. universe is like. He has his ain sentiments. which he is 100 % entitled to. but he poses these thoughts in his article in such a manner that he leaves no room for any alternate ways of thought. It’s as though he thinks his ideas are the right 1s. so there is no ground to let others to hold thoughts of their ain.

Here is how Hardin describes the “lifeboat” of our universe: “If we divide the universe crudely into rich states and hapless states. two tierces of them are urgently hapless. and merely one 3rd relatively rich. with the United States the wealthiest of all. Metaphorically each state can be seen as a lifeboat full of relatively rich people. In the ocean outside each lifeboat swim the hapless of the universe. who would wish to acquire in. or at least to portion some of the wealth. ”

I must acknowledge. that I do believe Hardin does do a good point with his metaphor. There are. in a petroleum sense. two groups that we could split the universe into…the rich and the hapless. And the metaphor of a lifeboat makes sense. There are those who are swimming in the H2O. either inquiring for aid into the boat. or are inquiring for some kind of press release. Hardin goes on in the article to state that he thinks most of the “swimmers” autumn under the class of inquiring for the press releases. This is the job. This is a Huge generalisation by Hardin. which I think is non true.

Yes. it’s true that the US has a public assistance system for those who do non do an equal sum of money to back up them. And once more. yes. it’s true that our nation’s revenue enhancements supplied by all categories are what provide the money for these services. However. merely because we offer this aid to people. that does non intend that all hapless people take advantage of the system in order to derive things for themselves. There are a batch of lower category citizens out there who are so doing an honest attempt to acquire someplace in life. alternatively of remaining where they’re at and “mooching” off of the higher categories. Hardin would differ with me.

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In short. Hardin is right and I’m right. There are some hapless who choose to utilize the system and fundamentally take from the rich. BUT. there are besides a batch of people out there who are non making this. yet still acquire slack because of those who do. I really enjoyed Hardin’s article. I merely think he needs to discontinue generalising his “facts” so much and to open up his statements to let other’s sentiments and thoughts in on the subjects he is discoursing.


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