Persons get particular responsibilities on history of their moral and legal relationship to another. One such relationship is established in matrimony. Marriage is a moral and legal contact between a adult male and adult female. It is a moral contract because it is entered into by both parties. giving free and voluntary consent. It is a legal contract because it is solemnized in conformity with the jurisprudence. Marriage is an of import institutional component of the household. It is the cultural mechanism that ensures its continuity.

Marriage is an establishment consisting of a bunch or mores and folkways. of attitudes. thoughts. and ideals. of societal definitions and legal limitations ( see Brennan. Robert Edward: Thomistic Psychology. New York Macmillan Co. . 1999 ) . Peoples marry for a combination of grounds: love. economic and emotional security. the parents’ wants. flight from solitariness or an unhappy place state of affairs. money. company. protection. escapade. or common involvements ( see Buckley. Joseph: Man’s last End. London. Herder Book Co. . 1999 ) .

Sexual activity or sexual attractive force is the least consideration. but matrimony makes sexual intercourse legitimate. It sanctions parentage and provides a stable background for raising of kids. Marriage is the foundation of the household. an inviolable societal establishment. Its intent may non needfully be for reproduction or to hold kids but for company. as in the instance of twosomes past the age of reproduction. This paper intends to discourse the pros and cons of cheery matrimony or same-sex matrimony. II. Discussion A. Pros • Society should let same Gay Marriage:

In the article. contending the same sex matrimony should be allowed. Ralph Wedgwood steadfastly believes that same- sex twosome has every right to get married. For him. matrimony is non merely a mere ceremonial but through it the people in the community may cognize that both of the parties are really serious of their relationship and that it is non merely a game. For them. it is a committedness and a thing to be truly cherished even if the society throws issues on them. Having a same sex relationship that finally. if permitted could take to marriage is about a domestic and long lasting relationship.

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The article by Wedgwood. who is an helper professor of Doctrine at the Massachusetts Institute of engineering at Cambridge. The intent of matrimony is common support and company. Marriage is a province where partners compliment each other. Love and concern for each other is the foundation of a happy matrimony. Without such love and grasp for each other. no adult male and adult female or a twosome with the same sex can be together for good. Therefore. such love which draws partners in matrimony must be more than physical fond regard. sexual attractive force. or infatuation. It is the deep committedness of full-blown individuals for each other.

Married partners have every rights and responsibilities to execute like in the fiscal facet. in division of ownership. insurance and other things that should be shared by the twosome. Many same sex twosomes now are being given privilege if they are non yet married or are committed lawfully with each other Marriage is non merely about rights and benefits they will acquire from the society and with their spouses. It is a deeper brotherhood of the souls loving each other. Some people tags matrimony of low- regard. they see matrimony as a agency of fulfilling ones’ ego of sexual desires. good in fact it is more than that.

Reproduction and sex are non the lone ground why people want to acquire married. Some twosomes after acquiring married and found out that it won’t chink. and so decides to acquire a divorce. A individual does non hold any right to take and disapprove a distinct matrimony. the determination is up to the 1s involve in the relationship. The Torahs determine the 1s who are those that are married and those who are non being recognized. Society’s outlooks on matrimony depend on the rights and duties of both parties. therefore these responsibilities and duties should be done by both parties.

The partner should back up his/ her spouse. and if divorce will ensue they should every bit split all their belongingss. Marriage is a serious thing to make up one’s mind. The parties should be that committed and they should truly love and care for each other. Marriage is non merely a gag ; it is a long term domestic partnership with the one you adore. Same sex twosomes want to acquire married for the grounds that a normal boy- miss relationship besides has. They are non merely after of the benefits and privilege that they could acquire in the society and with their partners but they besides want to be recognized by the society.

Their relationship is non merely strictly based on lecherousness or sexual desires but besides for them to hold a serious committedness. like sharing of duties. Many homophiles. tribades and homosexuals aspires that what the society expects of matrimony is besides the sort of matrimony that they are woolgathering to accomplish or to hold. Many inquiries are being raised on holding a domestic partnership. Peoples may inquire. if holding a domestic partnership is renewable? Do they truly have to back up each other in all facets? Or they merely stick with each other because of sex and merriment? For the society. it is less recognized than holding the ceremonial of matrimony.

They wanted to be recognized by the society that even if they are of the same sex. they still know what existent love is and they are ready for a lifetime committedness. For them it is the greatest benefit of matrimony. to be recognized by the society and that is why the State disapproves of this. Many critics say that if same- sex matrimony is approved it would so divert to the existent intent of matrimony. such as its existent significance like reproduction or the procedure of bearing kids. But as we see now. some of the married twosomes are non able to execute this responsibility. The disapproval of same sex matrimony still needs to be reviewed.

The State is concerned on the moral values of the church. and Christianity. Some believes that heterosexual partnerships are above homosexual relationships. Many criticized same sex matrimony and many are against it because it if is approved it will merely be equal with the straight persons and it will merely take down the position of the society about relationships. They should be allowed because they are non horrid felons to make such an act ; it is merely being with person you love. The liquidators and even convicted felons are allowed to get married but still the State still does non let this sort of relationship.

Same sex matrimony would non coerce anybody to let this homosexual or sapphic relationship if it is merely wholly against them and their beliefs. But all they wanted to go on is for the society to understand their feelings and relationships with the same sex and they are truly serious with it. B. Cons • Society should non let same- Sex matrimony: Harmonizing to Burman Skrable. when same- sex matrimony will be legalized it would be a great hurt to the society. It wholly deviates from the existent intent of matrimony which is to “procreate” .

These kids will be the hereafter of the society and the environment. Approving it would somehow destruct the kernel of matrimony and the household which is the basic unit of the society by legalising a relationship that is non procreative. Some Christians fight to disapprove it. For it wholly disobeys God’s philosophies and Commandments. But all of them are cognizant that these yearss. there are great question about the Torahs that God has put up because of the lifting tabu that has been go oning in the society now. Great alterations are being called out by the trusters but the challenge of this is fast arising.

We should stand house and follow or obey the instructions that God has written in His Word. We should non affect ourselves in such promiscuous Acts of the Apostless that we ourselves know is unacceptable towards God. The twosome should give a stable hereafter to their kids and household that may be in the facets of fiscal. emotional and religious. They should convey their kids to school and educate them and allow them go a friend to all. But how would these go successful if a kid is being brought up in such an unnatural manner. where in his/ her female parent and male parent are of same sexes.

The traditional household is composed of the hubby. married woman and natural kids. These units of the society are all normal variables. This is the 1 that gives a bright hereafter for the society they are in and besides by organizing a natural household. The household is the most basic unit of the society where the kids are being taught values and ethical motives that greatly affect on how they interact with other persons in the society. Yes. raising a household is sometimes difficult particularly in raising fundss for their instruction. but the adversity is deserving contending for because of the love you feel for them.

The society expects that these kids would do their household and their parents as a theoretical account as they will turn and construct a household of their ain. The society needs a household that is stable and the 1 that they can truly acknowledge. What they expect is a male and female matrimony and non of the same sex. The greatly originating sexual revolution brought a large impact on how persons and the society see and make things. that sometimes they think is non bad were in fact it has already crossed God‘s boundaries.

Time has erased the moral values that we should follow. like now matrimony is already non seen as a signifier of reproduction. for raising kids ; that there should be faithfulness and that sex should merely be done with in the bounds of it. For Karen Murray it has become a public declaration of love and pledge of fidelity with the spouse. The rise of the same radical forces encourages this involvement for holding a homosexual matrimony. The belief that sex is non merely about reproducing thrusts the acceptance of the society of this same- sex matrimony.

But the homophiles does non acquire affected by this alternatively they are proud that they have found a relationship where in they will care for and hold committedness everlastingly. Gay matrimony or same sex-marriage is wholly wipe outing the existent definition of matrimony. It removes the world that it is merely the adult male and the adult females are to be bind. that both spouses should reproduce to raise their kids who are the hope of the society’ betterment. Approving or doing same- sex matrimony legal would fade out the singularity of the sacrament that God has given to us. If same sex matrimony would be approve. it could endanger the wellness of the society.

Diseases like HIV. AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases are much great when 1 is involved in this same- sex matrimony. III. Conclusion The foundation of the household is matrimony. which provides the cultural mechanism to see its continuity. This matrimony is the one God wanted for us. The household performs varied maps. among them the sex and parental map. socialisation and societal control. biological care. position arrangement. and economic. spiritual. educational. recreational. and political maps. Therefore. Marriage is such a sanctum and consecrated Eucharist and is bound to be respected by people.


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