Many people have many different viewpoints on the question Are the sexes separate and unequal? First I will talk about the historical views, In China the people have the opinion and feel very strongley about it that women are not to be praised or even recognized. In China being a women is like being a prisoner of society. Still today in China and other foreign countries this is continuing to happen. Now I will speak about the religious views, a lot of the religions were stuck on the idea that women were not capable of doing anything that a man could. Like for ex.

God is looked at as a male and Jesus is a male. Women according to the bible were a secondary creation and referred to as a helper. This is an example of patriarchal ideology or the belief that men are superior to women and should control all-important aspects of society. As far as the responses to stress go, Men react much faster to stress than women do. Scientists believe that this is due to primitive man s ways of hunting and if he came across a wild animal that threatened him what would he do? The adrenaline and testosterone would kick in and he would be able to react quickly to danger.

They also believe that this is why men are more likely to have heart attacks than women are. Another big question is What produces Gender Inequality? Well, From the functionalist viewpoint they believe that everyone works together in society to make it run smoothly, for ex. The infant is helpless for such a long time someone has to look out for it, so who better than the person who gave birth to it. So in the meantime if she is going to be home she should also take on the other duties of the household. While the man goes out and takes care of the financial aspect and provides protection and wisdom to his family.

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The conflict theory states that males dominate females because of their superior power and control over key resources. The main source of gender inequality is form economic inequality. Childhood socialization begins with the girl being caressed more than the boys do, whereas boys are jostled and roughhoused more. Mothers can talk to their daughters, and fathers interact more with their sons. Adolescent socialization, starts with the male being encouraged to paths that will prepare them for occupational certainty. Whereas the female is encouraged to develop behavior patterns to attract a suitable mate.

Then there is always Job Discrimination. I think personally that I have heard enough about this topic. Therefor I am not going to elaborate on it to an extreme. Job Discrimination is everywhere with race, SEX, color, religion and sexual preference. Sex is the one that we are most concerned with. In my opinion there is still a lot of this going on it is just hidden very well. I would have to say from the text this country has improved quite a bit on the situation. As you can probably recall women were not aloud to vote just a little while ago.

Even when a woman might get that position that doesn t mean she is going to get treated fairly at all. There are three theories for aging. The first one being the Disengagement Theory which states that when you grow older you start to drift away and not be able to perform positions in society that you could of a few years prior. Activity Theory states that satisfaction in later life is related to the level of activity the person engages in. Modernization Theory assumes a direct relationship between the extent of modernization in a society and the status and condition of the elderly.



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