How many significant digits are there? 2. Name Formula a. Gallium cyanide b. C. Dilation tetrachloride d. E. Cadmium permanganate Libber g. Magnesium hypochlorite h. SASS I. Ammonium endorsement phosphate Sibs 3. Name an element from each group: a. Alkali earth metal b. Halogen c. Noble gas d. Transition metal e. Diatomic element f. Alkali metal . Lanthanide g h. Actinide 4. What’s the difference between an Isotope and Ion? 5. Describe the significance of the Rutherford gold fool experiment.

Include prior assumptions, actual observations and conclusions. 6. How many protons, electrons, and neutrons are in NO- ? Heterogeneous mixture and solution. Include an example of each. 8. What is the mass (in CGI) of 100 grams sulfuric acid if its density is 1. 84 g/ml? 9. How many ml are there in 1. 590 km of water? (Density of water is 1. Egg/ml) 10. How many grams does 2. 60 x 1027 molecules of manganese (V) oxide weigh? 11 . How many carbon atoms are there in 10. 4 moles of COACH? 12. Silver has a mass of 107. 87 AMA. What is the mass percent of each isotope if

Gag-107 weights 106. 91 AMA, and Gag-109 weighs 108. 91 AMA? 13. When an object with mass of 3. 105 g was placed in graduated cylinder with initial volume of 10. 0 ml, the volume rose to 22. 5 ml. What was the object’s density? 14. How many valence electrons are there in: a. Phosphorus b. Carbon c. Magnesium 15. Balance the following reactions: a. (as) + _sirs (as) O _cars (s) + _users (as) b. + + _Magic c. Solid aluminum reacts with aqueous sulfuric acid to form aqueous aluminum sulfate & hydrogen gas. D. Chromium (VI) nitrate reacts with barium sulfide .

Calcium percolate reacts with ammonium carbonate f. Ethane (CASH) composts. G. CLC 2H2202 composts. 1 . When 20. 00 ml of 1. 45 M aqueous ammonium chromate reacts with 10. 00 g platinum (V) chlorate, a. Write the balanced chemical equation. B. What’s the limiting reactant? C. What’s the excess reactant? E. If 6. 99 Goff platinum (V) chromate form, what is the percent yield? F. How many g or ml of the excess reactant remain unused? Bonus (+1): How much of the limiting reactant is needed to completely use up the remaining excess reactant?

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