General Electrics human capital development Is deeply rooted into the company cultural values. These development practices created a pool of highly skilled personnel that perform far beyond the needs of the company, which allow It to compete with other organizations. The key to having such skilled management is by hiring talented and interesting people and investing heavily in their growth. By making continuous education a top priority it helps people to reach their full potential.

General electric provides a diverse set of jobs that are both challenging and rewarding that helps people keep moving forward. The leaders of the company set an example of what Is expected from employees at General Electric. They are considered mentors and they try to inspire the people they are leading to be better. Also, by working in teams with other people it allows employees to network and build their careers. Employees were also encouraged to be creative and help think of way the company could be better. By doing this it allows people to chase their dreams ND fulfill their goals while working on Jobs that are exciting.

However, the Jobs are fun and engaging but employees are held accountable for their actions and are expected to learn from their good and bad decisions. By combining challenging, rewarding, and exciting job General Electric was able to produce some of the industries best leaders. Along with these Jobs the company has a performance evaluation grading system that helps identify people that are worth focusing on. Having such talented management is a major asset for General Electric and is why they are so successful.


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