General Lee Essay, Research Paper

General Lee in Perspective: A Comparison in Character Development Even among the free, it is non ever easy to populate together. There came a clip, less than a hundred old ages ago, when the people of this state disagreed so bitterly among themselves that some of them felt they could non travel on life with the remainder. A trial of weaponries was made to make up one’s mind whether Americans should stay one state or go two. A adult male named Robert E. Lee led the ground forcess of those who believed in two states. What about Lee? What sort of adult male was he who about split the history of the United States down the center and made two separate books of it? They say you had to see him to believe that a adult male so all right could be. General Lee was handsome, clever, brave, soft, generous, and capturing. Baronial and modest, Robert was admired and beloved by all. He had ne’er failed at anything in his unsloped soldier & # 8217 ; s life. He was a born victor! With one exclusion impairing his record. In the greatest competition of his life, in the war between the South and the North, the great Robert E. Lee and his loyal work forces were defeated everlastingly. Peoples approached Lee with smouldering eyes and contested: & # 8220 ; Let & # 8217 ; s non accept this consequence as concluding. Let & # 8217 ; s maintain our choler alive. Let & # 8217 ; s be inexorable and unconvinced, and have on our resentment like a decoration. You can be our leader in this. & # 8221 ; But Lee shook his caput at those work forces. & # 8220 ; Abandon your animuss, & # 8221 ; he said, & # 8220 ; and do your boies Americans. & # 8221 ; ( hypertext transfer protocol: // leebio.htm ) After the licking of the Confederacy, General Lee accepted a place as president of a bantam college. At a wage of $ 1500 a twelvemonth this consumed all of his new civilian life. A adult male who had commanded 1000s of immature work forces in conflict, now wanted to fix a few hundred of them for the responsibilities of peace. The countrymen of Robert E. Lee saw how a born victor loses, and to them in that licking he won his most permanent triumph. There is an art of losing, and Robert E. Lee is its finest instructor. In a democracy, where oppos

ing viewpoints regularly meet for a test of ballots, and compromise is imperative for the successful operation of the system, it is good for society to know how to lose occasionally, and how to yield peacefully for the sake of freedom. The man who fought against the Union exemplified unity in an unconventional manner. In the masterful novel Killer Angels by Michael Shaara General Lee’s powerful character was very well portrayed. The development of this General, who so gallantly led so many men to battle for a cause he devoted his heart and soul to, was depicted to be just that. Mr. Shaara does an excellent job of explaining to even the most elementary reader the power and respect that General Lee demanded. “Mr. Shaara’s ability to tell a complex story with clarity is the focal point of Killer Angels.” (Louis J. Rose) The development of General Lee’s character in the cinema production Gettysburg by Tom Berenger was, however, lackluster at best. The book depicted General Lee in the way people want a leader to be. General Lee in Killer Angels seemed to have the same divine power Moses had on the Red Sea. People seemed to part in his presence. He would walk into a room and everyone would fall deathly silent, waiting in anticipation to learn what he had to say. In the movie people showed proper respect but they did not halt mid step, turn and salute the General as they seemed to in the book. General Lee did not appear to be the superhuman character he did in the novel. Authors posses the ability to delve more deeply into detail in their novels than directors are able to in their movies, but the development of characters can attain the same level if so desired. Mr. Berenger seemed to overlook one the biggest characters not only in Mr. Shaara’s novel, but in the civil war as well. By not developing General Lee’s character to its fullest there was much lost in the transition from text to screen. General Lee was a man to be feared and respected and unfortunately some of these qualities were abandoned in the film.


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