General Somatic Efferent
General Somatic Afferent
General Visceral Efferent
General Visceral Afferent
Is GSE voluntary or involuntary?
Voluntary motor system
What is GSE function?
Carry efferent (motor) outflow to skeletal muscles fibers; provides the stimulus to make muscles contact
Location of GSE?
Motor neurons with cell bodies located in the ventral/anterior horn of the spinal cord or anterior regions of the brainstem
Location of GSA?
Sensory neurons with cell bodies located in the dorsal/posterior root ganglion (DRG)
Function of GSA?
Consciously perceived sensory info. Carry pain, vibration, pressure, heat/cold, stretch, and proprioceptive information back to the CNS – localized – and also special senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, balance)
Where can you find sensory receptors for GSA?
1) skin
2) skeletal muscle
3) bone, ligaments and tendons
4) Special sense organs
Do NOT originate in smooth muscle, cardiac muscle or exocrine glands
What are GVE and GVA?
Are GVE voluntary or involuntary?
Involuntary motor system neurons
What is GVE function? What are GVE?
1) Carry efferent (motor) outflow to cardiac muscle, smooth muscle or visceral organs and blood vessels, and glands.
2) Classified as either Sympathetic or Parasympathetic neurons. Autonomic motor neurons.
What is GVA and where is it located?
Sensory neurons with cell bodies located in the dorsal/posterior root ganglion; associated with the GVE neurons of the ANS
Function of GVA?
Transmit from visceral structures to the CNS:
-visceral pain (nociception)
-information about stretch (mechanoreception)
-pressure (baroreception)
-chemical stimuli (chemoreception)
Do you know about the sensory information from GVA?
Sensory information is mostly at a subconscious level, exceptions include visceral pain, nausea, and the sensation of fullness in hollow viscera.
Can GVA tell the difference between sensations?
GVAs cannot convey distinctions between sensations of hot v. cold; fine v. course pressure. Sensations NOT well localized
Where are the GVA sensory receptors located?
Sensory receptors in visceral organs, blood vessels and glands

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