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Doug McKay

1 June, 2000

Familial Technology

As we begin the 20 first century, many new technological promotions make themselves readily available to us. One such technological promotion is familial technology. Familial technology is the neutering of human cistrons in order to hone these cistrons, or alter them wholly. This new engineering is really controversial, because it deals with things such as changing our ain mortality and possibly making the? perfect human race. ? Some people nevertheless, feel that cistron neutering is a fantastic new chance because it may let us to forestall certain disease, and therefore increase our life spans. Besides, those that are for familial technology, believe that by taking the cistrons we wish our kids to hold we will be able to rectify certain birth defect and do everyone happy and healthy.

The find of the ability to pull strings human cistrons foremost came with the development of the Human Genome Project. The Human Genome Project is a world-wide research apparatus to analyse the construction of human DNA, and besides to turn up all human cistrons, which in figure are estimated to be every bit many as one hundred 1000 ( Intro to the World of Genome ) . The end of this undertaking is to turn up the genome, or the complete set of instructions for doing a human being. It is believed in the hereafter that this procedure will be helpful in bring arounding diseases. It was out of this undertaking that the thought for cistron use arose, and the contention over whether we, as mere human existences, had the right to pull strings the cistrons of the human organic structure, to forestall familial upsets and prolong life ( Intro to the World of Genome ) .

Advocates of cistron changing experience that this new engineering is good to human life for two chief grounds. First, these people feel that utilizing the engineering of cistron changing to? plan their ain kids? is good because they will be able to hone their cistrons and forestall them from being handicap from disease and upsets ( Golden ) . Through the usage of cistron use, such diseases as Down Syndrome can be prevented. By taking the cistrons that their kids will hold, parents can be certain that their kids will non be born with familial disease, therefore the human race will be much healthier.

Another ground that protagonists of cistron use believe that it is a worthwhile engineering, is because they feel that in the hereafter, when all of the genomes are discovered that we will be able to bring around such diseases as diabetes and malignant neoplastic disease. They believe that through usage of familial showing and cistron changing that we will non merely be able to forestall these disease before birth, but besides bring around them at a ulterior phase. By adding healthy cistrons from one being to the unhealthy cistrons of another being, it is believed that this procedure, called bodily cell therapy, will be able to rectify 100s of familial upsets, runing from bosom disease to malignant neoplastic disease ( Frantz ) . It is believed by those in favour of this engineering, that by rectifying cistrons in postpartum ( already born ) beings, we might be able to bring around such deathly diseases and therefore prolong life for the human race.

While this may look to show a bright new hereafter to all of world, there are still several protests to this new engineering. Many people feel that by pull stringsing cistrons, we are playing God, or taking over the function of Mother Nature. Critics feel that by pull stringsing cistrons, we are traveling against God, and his program for each single individual. Oppositions of this new engineering feel that by pull stringsing a individual? s cistrons we are traveling against God, and his Godhead program ( Gardner ) .

Another ground many people oppose familial technology is because they fear that person will try to make a ace race, by pull stringsing cistrons. Many people are still devastated by the actions of Adolph Hitler, and his effort to make a superior human race of blond hair, fair-haired kids. With the new engineering of familial technology, this could be possible. In the hereafter, it is believed that we will be able to take the hair, oculus, and skin colour of our kids, if this is possible, so it

would be wholly logical to fear such a thing as cistron changing. Oppositions of familial technology fright that the power to change physical features could go unsafe if it fell into the incorrect custodies. Peoples are afraid that another leader will lift up, and with this new engineering create one super race, and destruct all that do non conform to certain features merely as Hitler attempted to make decennaries earlier ( Gardner ) .

A 3rd concern of oppositions of familial technology is the belief that if people are able to take the sex of their babe, so one species will come to rule. If this did happen, as some fright, so possibly about everyone would take to hold boys alternatively of misss. If this were so, so our species would bit by bit go nonextant because there would non be any females left to bring forth offspring.

Another fright of those opposed to familial technology is the thought that by possessing the power to spread out, or even make ageless life, our universe will go overpopulated. Oppositions of this new engineering fright that if we increase the lifetime we will shortly, non merely run out of country to populate on our planet, but besides out of nutrient and other resources. Our planet is already overpopulated, and some believe that by increasing the lifetime we will be forced to make more topographic points for people to populate, which will further decrease the land we have for farming areas, and therefore we will non be able to bring forth adequate nutrient for our over populated universe.

Finally, many people fear that through usage of familial technology and familial showing, people will be denied their right to privateness. With the find of the genome ( a individual? s cistron sequence ) their traits could be easy accessed by the incorrect people and used in improper ways. Peoples fear that this new find of cistron use could intend that in the hereafter merely those with superior DNA will be given good occupations, and able to acquire in front in life. By being able to derive entree to a individual? s DNA, many people fear that there will be much favoritism against those that have less than perfect cistrons, and that by leting this information to be easy accessed we are being denied are right to privacy ( Kinsley ) .

In my ain sentiment, I feel that pull stringsing the cistrons of human existences is ethically incorrect. I do non experience that we should allow ourselves the power to play God. I think that we all have a set program laid out in front of us, and to interfere with this program would be profane.

I besides believe that if we were able to bring around such deathly diseases as malignant neoplastic disease and bosom disease, that we would protract life, and therefore make a immensely overpopulated universe. Although the chances of salvaging human life through scientific discipline seems to be a fantastic thing, I feel that by widening human life to such a huge grade could take to immense jobs such as dearth and deficiency of lodging. I feel that by unnaturally protracting life we would be adding to our already bing job of overpopulation, and would be making a universe where there is no room for farming area or province Parkss, and where people are hungering to decease due to miss of nutrient.

In all, I feel that while this new engineering holds many apparently fantastic remedies, many jobs will follow due to miss of regard to the natural order of things. I believe that it is both ethically and morally incorrect to travel against God? s natural program and alter a fate that was already laid out. I besides feel that making such could take to disaster for the human race due to jobs caused by overpopulation and famishment. I believe that it is ethically incorrect for adult male to experience that he has the power to play God, and I feel that this almighty attitude will do the human race many troubles in the close hereafter.


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